Fasting and spiritual attack

I was wondering if this ever happened to anyone.

God’s been teaching me about fasting lately and I’ve come to like it as I feel it brings me closer to God in prayer. I am also discerning a possible call from God. But I feel the enemy since I started fasting and discerning is attacking me in full force. I’ve had a few days of attack but last night was terrible. I was fighting with the devil who was trying to scare me to death or destroy me and I just kept saying the hail Mary and the Our Father. When I did this he would loose power. So he decided to go after my family. In my dream I was trying to teach my brothers how to fight him and what prayers to use. I mean this is really wild. All this has been happening since I took up fasting and praying for discernment.

Pretty much any time I’ve attempted or experienced some kind of spiritual "breakthrough,” I have increased temptations or obstacles and common stumbling blocks placed in my way. The trick is to not fall due to those, but remember the Evil One despises holiness, and to rely on God more than ever (plus my good reason, even if my emotions aren’t reliable.)

Fasting has been very good for me this Lent, but I can identify with your experience, even if mine hasn’t been so vivid.

Just a thought - maybe it will or won’t work.

Say aloud to anyone who is with you like your friend or relative “I can’t eat so much. I have to lose some weight. I think I’ll look better then.” The devil may hear and think: Vanity! How I love vanity!

He may then leave you alone and go pester someone else.

Elohim rules,

Who is advising you through this discernment phase? You cannot do it alone. You need a Priest to guide you.

The way you had described your fasting in a previous post, was suggested not healthy by a good member of this forum. He is right.
Again here, you really need a Priest to guide you. Are you attending Sunday Masses? Can you touch base with a Priest then?

You have said several times that you will get a Spiritual Director. I know you are a convert from about 2014. Did you go through RCIA? And get to know a Priest at that time?

Please speak to Him.

Also it is be advantageous to follow up on your Mental and Physical Health plan with your Professionals. Especially at this time.

Dreams are just that, dreams. They are our subconcious sifting our thoughts. There is nothing real in them unless we are St Joseph :innocent:.

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