Fasting at work


I only had a small small meal for my lunch today.
I was told by a co-worker it would have been better if I had asked for the day off; I am working at a home with people with psychiatric disorders and it might affect somebody negatively.

The employees eat after the residents though.

I thought it was ok to fast a little. I may have offended somebody though.

Would this have been a situation where I should have said to myself, ok, I won’t fast?

Yes I could have done my one full meal for lunch. But I know my body too. I am used to eating more in the evening. I am borderline underweight anyway. I want to listen to my body too.



I find it hard to believe that anyone would pay much attention to what you eat unless you draw attention to it. Why would it be a problem for someone else if you decide to have a bowl of soup for lunch, for example, rather than a bigger meal? Maybe you’re fasting, maybe you’re not hungry, maybe you started a diet, maybe your stomach is a little queasy, maybe whatever else is on the menu doesn’t appeal to you…there could be many reasons.


I wouldn’t worry about it. If you eat after the residents and don’t draw attention to yourself, your co-worker is worrying needlessly.


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