Fasting--bread--what kind

If you were going to do bread and water fasting for a day, what type of bread would you choose?

I would like to choose something that I’ve seen referred to as “rough artisan bread” but I’m not sure what that means. any suggestions or recipes?

i’m pretty certain that spending $6 on a loaf at Great Harvest or grabbing a loaf of IronKids isn’t in the right spirit!


The French demi-baguettes from Walmart (2.88 for 2 loaves- equivalent to about 6 dinner rolls), or one of their loaf equivalents like tuscan fancy whatever it was called.

The cool thing about the French ones is you can cook one loaf and freeze the uncooked one for another day (increase bake time by around 4 minutes when frozen).

I find it tastes best if I brush with olive oil and salt. Sometimes I might use the salt blessed at Epiphany. :slight_smile:

thanks! and is one of those the daily portion, in your opinion/experience?

The old monks used to call their dark, stout ales “liquid bread”. Just a suggestion.

I have no idea what your daily “portion” is… so, I’ll say it is the size of around 4 tennis balls placed end to end in length and circumference.

I suppose I could go measure a few of the frozen loaves in my icebox and provide you an aggregate of bread volume, but the tennis ball sizing method is fairly typical of their size. :slight_smile: Maybe 4 baseballs depending on how thick the loaves are that day.

I asked my priest if we could consider Guinness part of the fasting regimen. I got the “you’re pushing it, guy” look. :slight_smile:

Also, if one wanted to stay away from leavened bread, anything Middle Eastern or Indian (Naan) would work.

Perhaps if Naan, one could ask for the intercession of St. Thomas in their fast due to his India ministry. :slight_smile:

LOL no need to measure. thank you

If I drank a Guiness while fasting, I would surely sleep through most of Lent.

That made me laugh so hard, ha

100% whole grain will probably keep your body more balanced when on bread-and-water only. Refined grains in white bread and many mixed grain breads (e.g. 12-seed) is chemically similar to sugar, which could be problematic if you are diabetic or have a similar dietary sensitivity.

Someone did that last Lent.

As I recall, he had a special, high-calorie brew concocted just for his fast.

This is extremely dangerous to suggest for a bread and water only fast. If this is the ONLY nutrition someone is getting, they can become very ill eating only over processed cheap white bread.

Those who do serious bread and water fasts, typically choose something like Ezekiel bread, which is very rich in protein and whole grains:


have you found that the Ezekiel bread in the freezer section of the grocery store is similar or totally bogus in comparison to that recipe?

I definitely don’t want to eat processed white bread…like I said in my OP–IronKids is surely not in the spirit.

I have tried neither personally, but I do have a very good friend who made her own for a bread/water fast one year, and she said it worked well for her. I would look around for good recipes and make your own - it’s part of the process of sacrifice too, giving up your time to make your own food, as opposed to going out and buying it off the shelf. :wink:


Who is to say that the person is doing this more than a day or two? Please.

People need to know their own limitations and health risks. Who is to say that other options aren’t there?

Those who do serious athletics choose different food, etc than those who merely want to run a mile or two a day. The 1-2’er doesn’t need half the GNC store like the Olympic dreamer does.

What constitutes a serious fast? That bread is expensive… ~30 bucks for 24 oz. Can’t see that being a very cheap fast if truly serious in length.

Some of us can only afford “cheap, white bread”, btw. Especially in comparison with that meal-in-a-slice price.

Anyone who starts a “serious” fast without understanding what they’re doing probably needs to rethink certain things anyway. As for me, I’ll keep eating cheap white bread because paying 30+ for 24oz is on par with oxygen deprivation at birth.

I’ve always thought pita bread had a nice Middle-Eastern atmosphere about it.

I found a recipe for Ezekiel bread in a bread machine in addition to the one posted by lizaanne. okay, bread machines are likely for the lazy, but I just do what I can! :slight_smile:

There ya go! Good plan! :thumbsup:

You are always likely to enjoy something you make with your own hands anyway. And the smell of fresh bread in the house…nothing like it in the world.


Trader Joes Ezekiel bread is really good. :stuck_out_tongue:

:confused: I have never seen 100% whole grain breads selling for appreciably more than cheap, white bread. Even if it were twice the price, the day of a bread/water fast would cost little enough, food-wise, to allow a premium for more nutritious bread. Try Roman Meal or something. :wink:

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