Fasting every day unintentionally


What should you do on holy days when you’re already practically fasting every day (i.e. eating only one meal and two light meals), but not for spiritual reasons?


One normal meal with two smaller meals is the maximum allowed–i.e., the minimum effort required for those who are obliged to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. People are always encouraged to eat less on fast days–whatever else they can do given their medical condition, state in life, duties, etc…

If it’s not possible to eat less, one can try substituting less appetizing food, or delaying eating. Alternatively, one can give up something else one likes, for example surfing the Internet, watching TV, looking out the window. There’s also extra praying and almsgiving.



This may help. It is not allowed to fast on Sunday, for any reason except medical ones. Sunday is a feast day. There are other feast days like Christmas and Easter which is Sunday but it is a sin go fast on these days.


That is not correct. You must fast for at least one hour prior to receiving Communion.


Excuse me if I was unclear. I’m only “fasting” for practical reasons, because that’s how my diet/schedule worked itself out. But on days when I am supposed to fast for spiritual reasons, is there something extra I can do?


I had been wondering this myself - like EphelDuath, my dietry habits and metabolism mean I really don’t eat much, and by the “one meal and two light meals or less” definition I fast most days, but not intentionally. If I eat much less than I do already it’s just not very good for me, healthwise.

I thought that perhaps that trying to stick to a vegan diet on days when one is supposed to be fasting might be an idea.


On fast days you might consider eating food that is unappealing to you. Or…you could eat even less than you normally do.


Or you could fast from TV or the internet, or spend some extra time in prayer.


If it’s not for spiritual reasons, I presume you have medical reasons that cause you to have to fast. You should never attempt to fast when you have medical issues. :nope:

If you just eat lightly because that is your nature, I still wouldn’t try to fast any further from food. You are doing the requirements already. Our bodies really benefit from food taken several times a day. Maybe just cut out one of your favorite foods for that day. Like sweets, or soda, or coffee. Or you can fast from tv or the internet for that day. :thumbsup:

If you have no medical issues and you really feel the need to fast from food on that day, then maybe cut out one of the smaller meals.


That’s an excellent idea. I never thought of fasting from t.v. or internet for spiritual reasons. Excellent. :thumbsup: I must try that because I’m somewhat addicted to certain t.v. programs.


You could fast on just bread and water.


I agree. That’s what I try to do and after all its only two days out of a whole year.


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