Fasting for current Church crisis with health issues


Because of health issues, I have problems with the standard 3 meal fast. Just read a comment on Fr. Z’s blog (13th comment). The reader said he has selected a 4 hour section of the day, and he fasts daily during those 4 hours. That I can handle, even on a daily basis - altho it might be only Monday thru Friday. Am anxious to get started tomorrow.


God bless Nita. Your heart is in the right place.


You can also fast from things other than food. Fast from social media, fast from criticizing others, fast from TV – whatever might constitute a sacrifice for you.


While wanting to fast is admirable, it would be best to speak to your doctor first.


Before undertaking any kind of fast, consult your dr (if it’s food and liquids) and your priest who might be able to suggest other ways that won’t compromise your health.


My health issue (unexplained weight loss which is still “unexplained” at this point) is not one where omitting food for 4 hours would be a problem - as long as I get in the full daily amount during the other waking hours. Reducing daily calories would not be good for me, but this fast does not do that. It just imposes a slight restriction on when I consume them. But, thanks for your concern.

Definitely, if one has a condition where they should eat every 2-3 hours, they should not fast in this manner.


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