Fasting for Life


I read in our Archdiocesan paper this afternoon, that many people will be joining the “Fast for Life”, tomorrow… January 22, 2009 (the 36th Anniversary of the passing of Roe v. Wade).

I was wondering how many of you will be participating? For me, this is an important way to join the “Fight for Life”… since we can’t be at one of the Marches. I hope lots of people will fast tomorrow.

God bless.


When I first saw the title of this thread, I thought you were referring to a life-long fast. I was going to say, that’s pretty hardcore.


As it would be unwise for me to do any kind of fasting, I will not. However, I will be joining my prayers with everyone else who is fasting and praying tomorrow.

God Bless!


Well thanks very much for bringing this to our attention! I hadn’t planned on fasting tomorrow, but now that this has come up I’ll be joining you for it!


Ericka… A “Fast” doesn’t have to be from food. Many people can’t fast for reasons of health. But you can “Fast” from something else, such as shopping… a favorite TV show… a particular, favorite food… like desserts etc. Just a suggestion. The prayers are also very important. I will be joining you, in this. God bless.


fasting food is probably easier than fasting from reading posts on CAF. :smiley:


lol “Awake”. Yes, I can see how the title of this thread could be misinterpreted. :wink: I should have called it “Fasting for the Pro-Life Movement”… or similar. But thank you for reading it! God bless.


Excellent idea :slight_smile: Make sure to offer up the fastings and sacrifices for the conversion of sinners :wink:


I will join. Thanks for the heads up.


I read about this in my church bulletin a few weeks ago. I am participating in the fast and prayer today. :slight_smile:


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