Fasting for petitions?


I understand the concept of fasting on fridays and during the season of Lent.
However, I’m not sure I understand the concept of fasting during other times.
Example (Someone fasts on a meal or dessert for a specific reason). I don’t
understand how skipping the ice cream sundae will for example, prevent an
abortion or something like that. I get fasting as sacrifice as Jesus did for us,
and thankgiving. But I don’t see the connection b/t giving up a meal for a
specific intention. Any clarification would be appreciated. :thumbsup:


There is a benefit to sacrificing anything that you may be allowed and is pleasurable for the sake of the Lord, even if it is as minor as skipping that ice cream sundae. Its a small, but noble, act for the love of the Lord, maybe in reparation or perhaps in thanksgiving for something. Best of all, since its a small act, its more likely that its also a secret one between said person and the Father, which Jesus recommends.

Hope this helps.


When I fast, I do so… in reparation for my sins.


Thank You for your responses

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