Fasting: for purification and sanctification?

When asked by my coworkers about Lent, I say that I’m doing it because it is a Church discipline. And, the point of fasting is for purification and sanctification.

One (very) bible-only coworker responds that Jesus Christ is where our purification and sanctification comes from. I asked him to point that out in scripture - it didn’t happen. Christ redeems us, but I think that we need to strive toward the goal of living as pure and holy a life as possible.

Is my view of fasting (a means for purification and sanctification) justifiable given scripture alone?

Lent is not an alien concept to all Protestants. Anglicans, Lutherans and Methodists all observe lent. A growing number of evangelicals are also investigating and observing lent and advent. It might help to direct your coworkers to some of the following sites.

There are many more.

Very enjoyable links, there!! The 3rd one was my favorite.

Reading these things does jog my memory on one other thing. Sacrifice is tied to love. I know, for example, that my wife loves me by the sacrifices that she makes. If she does something for me, but does it because it’s a great deal of fun and enjoyment, then I don’t know if she is doing those things because she enjoys it, or because of her love for me. But, when she does something that she would call a sacrifice, then that is a visible manifestation of love.

Christ made the ultimate display of love by accepting the cross for our sins.

When I choose to sacrifice during Lent - it is out of love of Christ that I do these things, and it is a demonstration of my love for him.

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