Fasting from meat on Friday in France


I live in America but I am on vacation in France. I’m a bit confused on whether or not I have to fast from meat since it is Friday. Would anyone by chance know the answer to that?


I would do what I usually do at home (i.e. where I live at the moment) when it comes to fasts myself, this is something done in the UK, I dont know about France sorry. But seeing as though that is such an easy one to follow, I can’t see any harm in merely abstaining for one day. But if it causes you any difficulty particularly if you are staying with others, then don’t, as even those of us who do abstain from meat on Fridays are able to lapse when travelling and it will make things difficult for our hosts and be problematic and merely take on another penance (as you should be doing anyway) so just take on your usual Friday penance and that should be fine. As long as you do something, it need not be that, even if you travelled to UK where it is required, if you opted out but did your usual penance that should be fine as you are a visitor. That’s my opinion anyway. God bless


I’m sure most places will have vegetarian or seafood options


Just to clarify - the Bishops of England and Wales made it clear at the time it was announced, that not abstaining did not rise to the level of mortal sin.

As a matter of interest, did the bishops of Scotland actually issue a similar document or just the Bishops of England and Wales i.e. it isn’t UK-wide.?


Fast for yourself, not for the church. It’s a venerable tradition, and an excellent light mortification to bring us closer to God. You probably won’t be sinning if you’re not aware of the local regulations, but, you know, if won’t do any harm. It’s a tiny sacrifice for Our Lord.


Yes you’re right just England and Wales, overgeneralisation on my part.


Can remember hearing of the Bishops of Scotland issuing the same as England and Wales. I just abstain from meat anyways on a Friday as I am a bit of a hardcore carnivore


I have to laugh at this question. The last time I was in France, they had fish on the menu on Friday (because it was Friday) but they served it with this as an appetizer. (Which I did partake of, and I did a different penance instead)


Travelers follow the “rules” of their home diocese.


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Looks delicious though …


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