Fasting on Ash Wednesday.

I will be working all day on Ash Wednesday which includes waking up at work on that morning. What re the rules for me? I know that normally it states one meal but I don’t normally eat big meals anyway so am I supposed to black fast or just have some sandwiches?


Da Rulz for you are the same as they are for everyone else of fasting age – one regular meal, plus two snacks that don’t make a full meal between them, and no snacking in between.


One big meal and two small meals that do not equal the bigger meal.

For example, for breakfast you could eat a banana and have a bowl of cereal and a glass of juice or milk.

For lunch, you could eat an apple or a tuna fish sandwich and say, carrot sticks.

For supper, if the earlier meals were your smaller meals, you could have fish sticks, fries and a salad

(get the idea?)

No snacking between meals, but you can drink water.

I have a lot of trouble at times (the worst was when I was in college and had to be at school on Ash Wednesday and i could not eat the sweet they had) so I usually eat a later breakfast…sleep…then a later lunch…sleep…supper…then try not to watch tv that has food commercials and then its bed… this year I am volunteering in my catholic elementary school library on wendesdays and I hope the librarian has some work for me to do this week, so I can keep my mind OFF food…but my breakfast will be earlier that day (like 7:45 A as opposed to 10:25 A) so when I get home, I’ll eat lunch and then rest…).

The usual fast is one regular sized meal and two smaller meals, which together do not make one regular meal. I know that many people graze rather than eat regular meals so this can cause some confusion. Prudential judgment is needed.

Just fast

I already fast but I understand different people have different medical needs and I know that depending on your situation it might be kind of difficult to do. Still you are supposed to fast and I think that would be a wise thing to do anyway. I don’t know the particulars of your situation other than the fact you have to work but I know a lot of other people also have to work and they still fast. I think my advice is to take what would be your largest meal is the first thing you eat that way you won’t have hunger pains all day. I also think it might be wise to talk to your pastor before that time most of us here aren’t Canon lawyers

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