fasting on Good Friday

I didn’t realize how many small meals were allowed or what is considered a small meal. Can someone tell me if what I ate today seems to be OK:

I had a fiber bar in the morning before work. … Than when I left work I went home but left again to go to the library and had a granola bar. For dinner I had a small veggie burger with 2 small eggs. And I had some peanuts and a small fruit snack. Is that too much? I usually snack a lot more so I thought I was doing fine but now it sounds like a lot. ?

Sounds fine to me, I don’t think you ate too much.
I accidently ate a couple of cookies before I rememberedit was Good Friday, so I didn’t eat any more snacks to make up for that lol then I ate a fish fillet &sweet tea from mcdonalds:P

IT wasn’t really a lot.

You are allowed one full meal and two smaller meals which together do not equal a full meal. So it’s kind of up to you.

But snacking between meals is not really proper. Unless you have blood sugar issues in which case fasting is not required.

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