Fasting Question

Hello all. I attempted to fast today in accordance with the September 7 Voluntary Day of Fasting, and I was just worried about some of the specifics. I was just wondering if drinking something like juice/apple cider broke the fasting, or if drinking them is okay. Thank you all for your help!

Fasting in the Catholic tradition is not a complete abstinence of food or drink.

It is having only one main meal, and two light snacks which together don’t add up to the equivalent of a meal.

Drink is not restricted AFAIK.

When I fast, I usually try to just drink water only for one day, and bread when I cant stand the hunger, but no meat, or other things I really enjoy. Like on Good Friday, we aren’t supposed to eat meat, but I really ENJOY shrimp, lobster, crab, etc., even fish n chips. So where is the sacrifice in that? Maybe if I just had broccolli for a day, LOL…

I don’t think juice or cider broke your fast.

how does fasting help in praying ?

I don’t know the answer to your question, but in the days of fasting I drink only water.

Fasting isn’t about what you consume; therefore, the drinks you mentioned would be fine.

Fasting is about quantity. IIRC it’s three meals with no snacking in between them. One of them is the main meal. The other two should be light meals, which shouldn’t, together, add up to the same amount as the main meal.

Of course, the main meal is meant to be an ordinary meal not something like a seven course banquet.

I must admit, though, when we fast we do simple fare in addition to watching the quantity.

The original question would seem to miss the point; the point of fasting is not to slavishly follow some rule, but to make an offering the the Lord of what is primarily for most, an inconvenience. For official days of fasting, there are rules, and the rules are binding to an extent (modified by, age, health, etc.); this was not a binding day of fasting but a voluntary one. The fast is, therefore, what you make it (and for some, a more important fast might be something such as no internet for the day - a greater sacrifice than a few light meals).

When it comes to voluntary fasting there are no rules. That’s why its voluntary!

Has that always been the Catholic tradition, or is it merely the modern discipline?

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