Fasting questions

What day’s do you fast when Advent Starts?

In the Roman Catholic Church, we’re not required to fast in Advent.

People may choose voluntarily to do it as a private devotion, in which case they also choose the days. The Church recommends that people should not fast on Sundays or solemnities.


Okay, thank you… still learning. I was confirmed Easter 2019…

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It is a voluntary Latin tradition nowadays to fast on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday after 13 December (Saint Lucy). Wednesday was the day of Christ’s betrayal, Friday was the day of Christ’s crucifixion, and Saturday was the day of Christ’s entombment.

That’s for people who keep the Ember Days, which happen 4 times a year. (Lenty, Penty, Crucy, Lucy) It’s a voluntary devotion. I wouldn’t even call it a “tradition” since in the US almost no one has done this stuff in 50 or 60 years; it was associated with European agricultural seasons, and most US Catholics were urbanites.

I think it falls in the category of “advanced Catholicism” and would not be promoting it to someone who is new to the faith.

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