Fasting without vanity


You are seriously overthinking it. Just go ahead and fast!

Many times, a virtuous act brings some benefit to the one who does it. For instance, if you are honest in your dealings with other people, they may start to trust and respect you. The fact that you enjoy being trusted and respected does not detract from the moral goodness of honest living.

The key is love. If you perform a good deed with love for God or neighbor, it is very good.


This should be a slogan everywhere, what a beautiful response thank you. Such helpfulness and encouragement here. Thank you all for being Christ to me in this challenge. As an aside, I mentioned perfectionism being closely tied to procrastination with different scenarios at least half a dozen times to my husband and children yesterday!


The human ego is always present and hovering in one way or the other in everything we do, always looking for credit, glory, etc. Acknowledge its existence then ignore it, suppress it, but don’t let it interfere with your seeking God! Not when you also have right motives as well. The ego is just a hungry little beast that we’ll always have to deal with but we don’t have to take it so seriously or let it run our lives.


Ok you guys are seriously on a roll here. This is so perfectly true. I was not ignoring it, I probed and questioned to the point of doubt and inaction. Played right into enemy territory. Thank you.


The chief concern about spiritual fasting and vanity is that you don’t want to advertise to everyone that your fasting and why you are doing so. If you fast for spiritual reasons, it won’t hurt you to realize if there are side benefits, but you are wasting your time if you tell others that you are doing so. Advertising it of course is like advertising to all that you are giving to the poor.

We can fast in reparation for our sins, and those of the whole world, for those in purgatory, and to bring our passions under better control.


I agree 100%, I never advertise. Not that you’re stating this, I certainly dont consider my question a form of advertisement, it was a plea for help in dealing. You all have been very helpful!!


Physical health is an important part of ones spiritual life. If you permanently lose weight as a side benefit, then that is nothing to be ashamed of.

Fasting, however, is not a recommended for weight loss. Fasting can slow your metabolism, and trigger fat storage, hindering weight loss. There is also a potential for other health issues.

Catholic fasting consists of eating one small meal and two snacks throughout the day. Sticking to these guidelines should avoid health issues. Any more extreme forms of fasting should only be performed under the guidance of an experienced spiritual advisor and possibly under medical supervision.


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