Is there a fuzzy line between following God’s plan and fatalism?

[My layman’s understanding of fatalism is simple: basically taking life as it comes, accepting the good, accepting the bad. Maybe fatalism is the wrong word, from a Philosophy standpoint.]

I’m not sure about a fuzzy line (or unclear distinctions) on this subject, but here are some simple basic links.
fatalism + determinism + predeterminism + theological determinism + divine providence.


Thank you.

I get the sense, sometimes, that people are actually being fatalistic when they say they are following God’s will.

Outlandish, imaginary example: A truck is speeding toward me. I will not move out of the way. It will be God’s will if I die or if I survive. I will spend the next few seconds in prayer.

I’ve known people who were capable of productive work and of managing their lives, but lived in near-poverty rather than take any proactive steps to improve their lives. They believed that God would provide.

There is a clear line if we believe God’s plan includes our power to choose what to think and how to act within the framework of Providence. To a certain extent we can change what is good or bad.

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