Father and teenage daughter sharing a room?


Is there any reason why a father shouldn’t share a hotel room with his teenage daughter?
I am thinking more of privacy issues than scandal. Am I just being stupid?
What do other Dads think?


Can I answer as a daughter? :)

As long as there's a bathroom in the room (which I'm assuming there is) where they can change and shower in private, I can't see a single problem or concern.

As a teen, i traveled some with my dad, and we always shared a room. It wasn't much different from home.


My husband shared rooms with our daughters when they were teens, and so did a lot of other dads that we knew.

Our daughters were (and still are) figure skaters, and went to many competitions over the years, all the way through their teenaged and college years. If I had to work and couldn’t go to the competition, my husband would go, and the girls (or just one girl, depending on who was competing) would stay with him in the hotel room.

There were a lot of daddies who stayed with their daughters at these competitions. Usually parents travel together, but there are lots of situations like ours, where Mom either had to work, had younger siblings and babies at home to care for, or there was a divorce or separation.

Also, when our daughters were doing college visits, I often had to work, and so their daddy would drive them to the school (often far away) and they would share a hotel room.

Two years ago, my husband drove my daughter cross-country out to California (grad school) to move her in–I was not able to get the two weeks off work. She was 25 at the time. They made a real Western vacation out of it, stopping at the tourist sites (e.g., Grand Canyon). And yes, they shared hotel rooms.

Yes, there are privacy issues. They are solved by taking turns in the bathroom and shower, and keeping the door shut.

There was never any bed-sharing, not even between me and the girls when we travelled. Our daughters would sometimes share one bed while my husband and I shared the other bed.

Interestingly, in the skating novel that I just published a few weeks ago, the teenager is on a vacation with her parents, and they are all sharing a hotel room because they don’t have the money for separate rooms. I never even thought of the possibility that someone would possibly see privacy problems with this. The editor didn’t ask for any revisions of this, either. I realize that it’s not daddy and daughter, so perhaps that’s why it wasn’t questioned by the editor.

At any rate, unless rooms are adjoining with connecting doors, or unless a suite is booked, I think that teenagers should not be in a hotel or motel room alone. If there are several other teens in the room, that’s OK–safety issues. But I would not put a lone teenager, girl or boy, in a room by themselves. Too much of a target for creeps.


Yes this is a seperate bathroom. I always travelled with my Dad, but we slept in seperate rooms. My Mommy radar is not blinking here, to be honest.


My husband also thinks I am being stupid. I just have no experience to draw on.


I’m not sure how it is all that different than when the whole family goes somewhere. We all sleep in one room and each change in the bathroom. I never had a thought that we should have separated into two rooms, male and female…:shrug:


In my opinion, there is no reason why family members shouldn’t be able to share a hotel room. All hotel rooms have separate bathrooms, so I don’t see privacy ever being an issue.


I shared a room with my dad when he took me for a college visit. Privacy was solved by keeping the bathroom door shut and using it to get changed.

My family is visiting me for Easter. My brother and sister are both teens but sharing a room. Separate beds and a separate bathroom mean it’s fine.

There have been times all five of us had to share. I’ve had to share with both siblings. It’s fine. No big deal at all.


I traveled many many times with my dad.


Husband and daughter shared a room for a recent college visit trip. Not a problem at all.


Even if there were only one bed, you can usually request a cot for a small additional fee.

Besides, depending on the age of the teenager, she might not be allowed a separate room anyway.

No problems.


I think that so long as their are separate beds sharing a room shouldn’t be a problem. Sharing beds would be icky IMO, so I wouldn’t do that. Have you asked your daughters what they think?


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