Father, brother plead guilty in death of Ontario teen


Aqsa Parvez was 16 years old when she was strangled in her bedroom after clashes over her refusal to wear a hijab.

Stories like this, inevitably bring to mind John Lennon’s ’ Imagine’.


A world without religion…she wouldn’t have been murdered by her father and brother for not wearing a Hijab.

in a world w/o islam that wouldent have happened, have you ever heard of a catholic murdering a woman for not wearing a head-covering

I have heard of Catholics murdering women during the inquisitions. Perhaps that is best reserved for another thread?

Zatzat I’d love to see you in a debate about the inquisition, you’d be in so far over your head it would not be funny. People like you open your mouths and let your bellies rumble. Brief, you don`t have a clue what you are talking about.

People do bad things in the name of religion but do not follow what that religion teaches.

Is this actually a thread on how a person decides what is good and what is bad?


The has more to do with the strictness of the father and brother than it does with religion. The only thing it has to do with religion is Islam. There are good Muslims and there are bad Muslims. What can I say.

In a world without religion you’d have all sorts of evil actions taking place because people would not have the two greatest commandments in their hearts. When you follow the two greatest commandments, you do not commit evil actions.

John Lennon is no different to anybody else who wants to get rid of anyone who doesn’t see the world as he does. “Oh, if everyone thought like me, we’d all be happy!” leading to the unspoken extension - “so everyone who doesn’t is bad, because they cause this conflict”. Religions, of course, have been doing this for millenia, but then, so have atheists, and at the moment, it’s the bigotry of scientismic atheists that spreads around… many, perhaps singing this merry mantra in their head, while resenting the resilent persistence of religion around the world…

“Imagine all the people…living for today”

We don’t have to - the number of selfish nutters running around disregarding the consequence of their actions on others is astounding, and the cause of phenomenal distress to many, and themselves, but that doesn’t matter, because that’ll hit tomorrow… which never knows…

except as the new, rather distressing today.

And John Lennon was a mean, nasty chappie at the drop of a hat as well, so excuuuuse me if I’m unimpressed at the yearning for selfish irresponsibility ‘Imagine’ largely represents… and, through it’s adherents, results in

I preferred Paul, or even moreso, George. Who, being religious, probably disagreed with John’s assessment (including on his last album - not that he’d agree with his childhood Catholicism either, anyomre, and has sung songs to that effect, but there you go :rolleyes:)

no i dont think he would because he knows he doesnt know as much as he says he does

I’ve heard of atheists imprisoning Catholics for their beliefs, or just killing them. Perhaps that is best reserved for another thread?



The father and brother come from a culture which believes men must strictly control their female relatives. This attitude is not necessarily Muslim. Although, in modern times, killing a a daughter because she brought shame upon the family has fallen out of favor in the West, but it certainly isn’t unknown in our history. Even today, you can see such attitudes and behavior in non-Western, non-Muslim parts of the world.

The anti-female Muslim practices include excising the external female genitalia. This isn’t “circumcision” but excision–gone. In an interview aired June 15, 2010, two Muslim women said they are shipping girls back home to get cut. It’s illegal to do so in Britiain; America is considering outlawing off-shore excision, if you will. One lady said her infant sister died from genital mutilation. One group of doctors was performing minor genital slicing to prevent shipping women off to their home countries to get major excision under septic circumstances but has since adopted the policy of objecting to all genital mutilation.

**Atheism holds the all-time world record for genocidal slaughter. **

That practice is primarily cultural and crosses religion lines in specific countries. So it’s not so much that the parents are Muslim but that they are from a part of the world where this is routinely done.

This has got to be the most ignorant thing I have heard from you yet! Are you trying to tell me if the world was full atheist there would be no murder!?! SO are you saying that Hitler was motivated by his religion? I guess Stalin starved thousands of people because of his religion.

I have always despised that song by the way. Only an ignorant person would think that a world with out religion would make the world a better place.

To answer your question, no I’m not saying that. I made position quite clear.

Yep. :thumbsup:

You forgot Mao and many other atheists. Imagine a world without atheists…it’s easy if you try. :smiley:

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