Father Brown on film?

I’ve always finished reading the Father Brown stories, and then found out, that there are several movies based on the books.

Are those available anywhere? I havent been able to find them from retailers in my country (live in Europe), and wondered if they have become “public domain” or some such thing…

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yes there are some older movies from the 30s 40s, don’t know how faithful to the stories they were, but there was a PBS or maybe BBC series shown on Mystery a few years ago, probably available from that PBS catalog

You can get the BBC series on DVD but it is pricey. The only other film based on the Fr. Brown stories I am aware of is “The Detective” (odd title, isn’t it?) starring Alec Guinness as Fr. Brown. It is also on DVD, but costs far less than the BBC series, of course, it’s only one film. It’s a very loose interpretation of “The Blue Cross,” but it’s entertaining in it’s own right.

I went to ignatiuspress.com and here is a link to the page that came up when I searched for Fr. Brown.


I didn’t browse myself, but you may find something you would like and can afford. Good luck.

Ok. the exact page did not come up, so click on that link and scroll down to the search. Just type in Fr. Brown.

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