Father Corapi - Losing Weight - Much Thinner

Dear CAF,

      Is it just me, or is it that Father Corapi is losing very much weight and becoming thinner?  I have watched him on television recently and his neck area seems to be much thinner than it used to be?  I am worried for his health.  His eyes seem to be perpetually squinted and I am just worried for this man.

In one of his presentations he informed everyone that he has severe migraine headaches. That alone can take a toll.

I thought he has been off the public speaking circuit for the past year or two (except for a large gathering at Buffalo last year) so the videos you see on TV could be from any time in the past.

Or is he back on his grueling travel schedule?

Dear NuygenKimPhat,
Your question about Fr. Corapi caught my eye, as I was thinking the same thing last week(that he looked a lot thinner). It looked like a recent program too. Perhaps he is having health difficulties, which could explain his announcement “now that I’m not travelling so much anymore,” that I heard on EWTN awhile back. I’m sure our prayers and rosaries would be appreciated.

You might find this thread helpful:


Not back to his grueling travel schedule, but he is doing 5 conferences this year.

I recently saw Fr. Corapi on Johnette Benkovic’s “Living His Life Abundantly” and I thought he looked quite well compared to some older EWTN appearances. His speaking schedule looks great and THANK GOD He’s coming to the SF Bay Area!!! This place needs him so bad… I just want him to come here with his Blessed Mother’s Combat Boots and do some serious holy-butt-kicking!! :thumbsup:

Father Corapi has responded to all of the inquiries into his health status. Watch the video here:


He is well and chose to lose weight to become healthier. I am a little confused as to why he is dyeing his beard now, though. Doesn’t that fall under vanity, and isn’t that particularly wrong for a priest to be vain about having a grey beard? I occasionally see priests that I know wear a toupee and I wonder the same thing.

Weight loss is for health reasons, but should priests be dyeing their hair or wearing toupees? Just curious. :shrug:

I would say that vanity comes into the picture when a significant expense is involved. To dye hair is not vanity. Gosh, I brush my hair even if I’m going to the drugstore for a quick item – that’s not vanity!

Maybe he dyes his beard simply for a change in look. Many people switch hairdos every couple of years. That’s not vanity; they just like to try something different.

I’m not jumping all over you – I know it was a simple musing. But I couldn’t help replying…

I don’t think you’re jumping all over me. I appreciate your response.

I would say that changing hair styles and grooming your hair to look neat and presentable is different than changing the color of your hair to avoid looking older with grey hair. I see the two scenarios as different. I should add that I also see nothing wrong with trying to look especially nice by dressing up or keeping well groomed.

I certainly cannot profess to know the rationale behind Father’s beard dyeing, but it seems like he wants to look younger now that he has lost weight.

I equate hair dyeing and toupee wearing with trying to fool people into thinking you are something, or some age, you are not. That seems like vanity and deception to me.

OK, I see your point. To look well-groomed is different that trying to disguise age. But I’ll just chalk it up to the desire for a new look – not that the bad one was old. And as you said, we of course don’t know Father’s rationale. We are talking about a general sense.

That said, I too saw it as strange since I’ve gotten so used to seeing him with the gray hairs.

I think you are a lot less cynical than I am… :blush: I admire your point of view and demeanor. You have a better first reaction than I do, but I’m working on it… :slight_smile:

And I should add that I am relieved to see Father Corapi is healthy and doing well. I am a big fan of him.

I watched Fr. Corapi’s sermon on Confession and Mortal Sin this past Saturday, Feb.27, 2010. He scared the you-know-what out of me! According to the copyright information the sermon was presented in 2003. He was not what you would call thin and his beard (full beard) was grey/white.

Following the sermon, there was a little clip pitching his sermons, DVD’s etc. I believe this clip was made within the last several months. I was taken aback by Father’s appearance in this clip for the following reasons:

  1. His face and neck were practically wraith-like compared to his 2003 look.

  2. His former full beard is now a chin-only beard (Van ****?) and clearly has been dyed.

  3. He looked very tanned.

All in all, he looked quite good but the contrast with his 2003 “look” was startling. I sincerely hope he lost weight for health reasons and not as a result of an illness. He is a precious “voice in the wilderness” and we don’t have enough of his type of priest in the American church by a very long shot indeed.

Mary, Our Mother, please take him in your loving embrace. May Father continue to tell us all what we need to hear, even if a lot of us don’t like hearing the truth.

I am a huge fan of Father Corapi too. The look is quite different. I know he did have some health issues… so maybe he is trying to counter the haggard effect they have had by getting a tan and coloring his hair to look more “healthy” for his speaking appearences?
Does anyone else think he now looks a lot like Anton Levay?

Wow, I really hope Fr Corapi doesn’t read this thread and see you guys gossiping about him. This thread took a major turn for the stupid when you guys started talking about him being vane. If he comes out and says “yeah, I dyed me beard to look younger”, then sure that would be considered vanity. But guess what, he hasn’t said that. So talking about someone behind their back is in my opinion very unchristian. Isn’t that bearing false witness against thy neighbor?:shrug:

Coloring your hair or beard does not necessarily mean a person is vain. I am friends with a hairdresser, and she told me that a lot of older people color over the gray because in many cases, the gray does make certain people look rather sickly and unhealthy. I’ve seen before and after pictures of elderly folks who just added a touch of color to their hair (nothing dramatic) and it really made them look a lot more robust and healthy. These folks don’t do it for vanity, they do it because they don’t want to look half-dead. For instance, I sometimes use a sunless tanner because I have a very pale complexion. I don’t care about having a tan, but my skin is so light that I look sickly and gaunt, and folks have inquired about my health when I look so pale. When I use the sunless tanner, my skin does not look tanned, it just looks like the color of normal skin. I don’t do it to be vain, I do it so I don’t look like I’m sick or dying. We don’t know why Fr. Corapi is coloring his beard, but let’s not just assume that he is vain.

You mean unChristian like calling people stupid and accusing them of sin?

In one of my posts I admitted to not knowing Father’s rationale for dyeing his beard. I was making a general observation that some people dye their grey hair to look younger. It concerns me if a priest is doing that because to do so for that reason exhibits vanity in my opinion.

I wasn’t calling anyone person stupid, I was saying that to say Fr Corapi is dying his beard for canity reasons is stupid to say, because no one knows why he’s doing it.
I read a few months back that he was sick. My bet is that he dyed his beard because he probably looked sick and didn’t want to alarm anyone. People need to just not jump the gun and start judging someones actions. So yeah, whatever.

I honestly do not understand this theory about dyeing grey hair or a beard to look healthy as opposed to sickly. Don’t people who are not old enough to have grey hair look sick if they indeed are ill?

More to the initial point of my response, I become disheartened when I see a priest commit an act of vanity, or any sin, for that matter. Whether or not Father Corapi dyed his hair to look young or to supposedly hide some illness is actually irrelevent to the greater point of vain priests. However, I think my concern is valid seeing as though Father Corapi is especially known for his no nonsense demeanor and preaching.

We are all sinners, including priests, and I understand that. But, much in the same way I do not want a doctor to sit in his office with a cigarette in his mouth telling me not to smoke, I want priests to at least practice what they literally preach.

I don’t think that is an irrational point of view. All of this comes from an ardent admirer of Father Corapi, which is why I would be so disappointed if he is indeed vain about his appearance.

Please realize that diabolical forces focus on those who are effective ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Those who bring many to Christ quickly become the targets of evil spirits, who prowl the world seeking to ruin them through the wicked snares of the devil. People who work for the devil do just as much, and they relish the thought of destroying the Church and those who are on the forefront of the battle between good and evil.

Pray for Father Corapi and all priests, especially your local priests and bishops. Many who start with great zeal and on fire for the Lord often go wayward when the dark night of the soul envelops a soul, often time pristes and religious fall away or succumb to temptations of the flesh and the world.

If there is zero prayer support for them whom the devil especially despises, be not surprised when you see those in our ranks fall. If the effort that is going into discussing Fr. Corapi’s beard were converted into prayer and sacrifice for him, he would be a much holier and more effective priest.

So let us all pray for Fr. Corapi, whom is surely being targeted by evil spirits and evil people who are seeking his ruin through the wicked snares of the devil.

It is easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. This is because those who are rich and popular are faced with many more temptations and occasions of sin, with wicked people offering themselves for occasions of sin that are not there for the regular unknown person.

Sometimes the solution for these people of fame is to sell everything they have and give it to the poor and then work among the poorest of the poor in the most remote areas of the earth, among the unwanted and the unknown…

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