Father Corapi

Can anyone update me on the status of Father Corapi? Where is he today?

Limbo… :wink:

I’m not sure we should seek him out. I have a special appreciation to his past ministry. He was an instrument of my conversion into the Church. If I met him on the street, I’d love to have a discussion with him, but he is not accepting his pastoral duties any longer so it’s probably not right to seek him out, in the sense of “morbid curiosity”. Not that I know your intentions, you may have genuine hope that he return to his priestly duties, but does that mean seeking him? I do hope he is doing well, wherever he is. His story was a powerfull testimony and I hope it ends even more powerfull, for his sake.

Hopefully, a confessional.

Is he dead?

I hope not. I used Limbo as meaning “who knows” because Limbo is not really any real Teaching. But I did update my post, bacause I do appreciate the man and didn’t want to come accross as rude. :thumbsup:

The last anyone saw or heard John Corapi, he was living in montana in a gated community on a lake. He could often be seen riding his Harley. That information is a couple years old now. Some hope that he has quietly returned to SOLT, but I doubt it.

Other than that, nobody knows.

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