Father Coughlin


What is the Catholic Churchs opinion of Father Coughlin?


I don’t know if there is a “Catholic Church opinion” about him. His own bishop was reticent to control him, which is one reason why he gained such prominence.

I can tell you my opinion, though. It isn’t favorable.


Man, Father Coughlin is so far in the past that I am surprised anyone would even think the Church is concerned about him today. Like not a few Americans at the time, he had a certain sympathy with the Germans and was very apathetic towards the Jewish people. Something which was not at all unusual in America at that point in history. As I recall he was eventually silenced by the Church for being too bigoted in his radio sermons. As far as that goes many Americans had little use for Roman Catholics in those days either.You need to get current friend. You’re swimming in water that has long ago gone over the dam. :thumbsup:


his own bishop cracked down on him pretty hard, took him off the radio and suppressed many of his activities. he was pastor of my baptismal parish, so I do know a bit of his history. My Methodist grandmother and her friends listened to him religiously on the radio and would not hear a word spoken against him, and said, in my hearing, many times that he was the only good thing to come out of the Catholic Church (this being a slap against my Catholic dad). He did have a big following in his day.


God bless grandmas. For some reason, this struck me as funny.


Back in my Jehovah’s Witness days,
the old-timers in the Watchtower Organization
would always bring up Father Coughlin as proof
that the Catholic Church was a fascist organization.
I was taught by the JWs that during World War 2, the steeples of
Catholic Churches in the USA held radio transmitters that
transmitted American security secrets to Nazi Germany.
The whole time I was a JW, the JWs 55 and over regularly insisted
that during WWII, the Catholic Church in America
was the “fifth column” for the Nazi Regime.

What hogwash.


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