Father, daughter have child together


A SOUTH Australian father and daughter have revealed they are a couple, and have had a child together.
John and Jenny Deaves reunited 30 years after Mr Deaves separated from Jenny’s mother.

Jenny was 31 and just two weeks after meeting, father and daughter had sex.

**“John and I are in this relationship as consenting adults,” Mrs Deaves told the Nine Network’s 60 Minutes tonight.

“We are just asking for a little bit of respect and understanding.”**

Their nine-month-old daughter Celeste, shown on TV, appears fit and healthy.

Mrs Deaves said soon after reuniting with her father she began to see him as a man first and her father second.

“I was looking at him, sort of going, oh, he’s not too bad,” she said.

“Like you might look at a man across the bar at a nightclub.”

Mrs Deaves brought two children, Samantha and Alex, into the relationship after splitting from her former partner.

**Mr Deaves admitted that he “initially” thought having sex with his daughter was wrong.

“Emotions take over, as people no doubt realise, there are times during your life where emotions do rule the heart, it rules the head,” he said.

“I knew it was illegal, of course I knew it was illegal but you know, so what.”**

Mrs Deaves said the physical relationship with her father was like “a sexual relationship with any other man”.

For Mr Deaves the sexual relationship was “absolutely fantastic”.

A South Australian police media spokesman said “the couple is being monitored”.

re: the bolded portions

Sound familiar…?

Mark my words - in 20 years (or less) there will be “incest activists,” people portraying “intimate family relationships” as normal and natural, etc.

The best thing to do with a story such as this one is to ignore it. The more publicity this father, daughter couple get, the bigger an issue this event will become. Publicity is what feeds trends and fads, as well as agendas. So, turn around and walk away.

See Genesis 19:30-38. The Moabites and Ammonites were not well regarded, to say the least. :wink:

I agree that it is a possiblity that in twenty years we might have to continually defend the Church’s position that sex with your adult children is a sin.:frowning:

A lot of people think this way: if an act is wrong then the person who is engaging in that act should in no way appear as a interesting, charismatic, intelligent person. So as soon as they are introduced to a person who is kind or genorous but is engaging in the bad act, they immediately conclude that the act itself is not wrong anymore.

If the media decides to ‘humanize’ adults who are engaged in incestous activity then there will be many people who just accept this as one sexual choice out of many that people can engage in.:frowning:

Can you imagine people telling Catholics twenty years from now how evil our Church is because we don’t allow adult children to marry their parents? Yuck.

Things like this make me wonder why it rains water instead of fire…

There already are incest activists, and men’s-rights activist Warren Farrell is among their star writers. He came out in favor of “family sex” in detail in Penthouse in 1979, never formally retraced his position, and ran for office in California afterward.



And people said that gay marriage wouldn’t lead to this stuff…

I just the sound of a thousand puppies drowning.

I’m just disgusted. They could have at least used a condom and not force an innocent into their unholy union.

I don’t know, I don’t what to think beyond disgust.

Couldn’t we have them brainwashed and sent to opposite sides of the globe or something? At least then they couldn’t have sex with each other.

Doesn’t that constitute a crime in Australia that they could be punished for?

The article said that incest was illegal. I don’t know why this isn’t being prosecuted.:shrug:

I am guessing that this couple went public for a reason.

I can almost guess some of the arguements. “But we are in love. " " Who are you to judge us.” “We can’t control who we love.” “We have as much right to happiness as you do.” “Stop using your JudeoChristian morals against us.”:rolleyes: :frowning:

If you look at the picture included with the article, the father and daughter look very much alike. YUCK.:frowning:

It hasn’t. Australia kinda-sorta has civil unions for same-sex couples but does not recognize marriages.

What does homosexuality have to do with heterosexual incest or other such deviancies, anyway? If you want to argue ‘deteriorating moral fiber’ or some bull like that, go right ahead, but then they’re both symptoms of the same underlying problem, not cause and effect.

I disapprove of incest as a general rule because it’s usually hard to be certain of informed consent on the part of the participants, but in this case, that doesn’t enter into it – Jenny’s father was out of her life when she was one year old. So, a resounding yawn for this ‘unholiness’, I guess.

Thanks Mirdath…you just reinforced the exact problem and link with homosexual marriage. The placement of “informed consent” above all else, is the exact link. It is why homosexual marriage will lead to approved incest (by people who resoundingly yawn at unholiness) and polygamy. That is why most of us are against such a deterioration of our society’s moral fiber.

Another example of moral Relativism at its finest :cool:


My money is on “less than 20 years” to see this in the mainstream.

Contrary to what modern society tells us, none of us live in a bubble. Everything that we do effects someone else, even if we are not aware of how.

It might seem that what this one couple does privately-although they aren’t being private with this- has no effect on the world but it does. If it is decided that this father, who had no relationship with his daughter through her formative years, can marry his child, how do we refuse to let a parent who has lived with their son or daughter all through their childhood, not marry their offspring?

What about the states that have age of consent laws that only go up to 16? Can you imagine a 16 year old being allowed to be abused by her father-or his mother?

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that a parent who is willing to have sex with their adult child is probably going to start the abuse while they are children. I can’t even begin to imagine the confusion a sexual abused child would experience seeing a incestuous couple on tv.:frowning:

Oh, i cannot believed it…how could father and daugther have kid together…:frowning:

:bigyikes: :bigyikes: :bigyikes:

Just when I think I’ve heard it all…

Half of those people are very naive and foolish. The other half say that because they like the idea of incest, sex with animals, pedohilia, homsexuality, and other deviants lifestyles that destroy mankind. That group doesn’t actually believe it won’t lead there; they can’t wait until it does.

That’s what many of his ilk hope for, though they’ll deny it. Lifestyles fueled by Satan that capture people and seduce them make them puppets to a master they can’t truly grasp.

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