Father Francis- What's going on?

Just wondering, had heard about the whole thing with Father Francis leaving Life on the Rock not too long ago, to take some time away to think and all. Any new news on this? Just curious.

Nobody seems to have answered, but I was wondering the same thing.:confused: I hope for the best for him, whatever that is.

This question was asked of the friars who were guests on last week’s EWTN Live program. Not alot of details were given but one of the friars said that Father Francis was in retreat and discerning his vocation. Let’s all pray for him.

I haven’t participated in any of the “Fr. Francis” threads but I do hope it has been communicated to him how much his ministry has meant to so many and how deeply his crisis has touched so many and how many have been shaken by it.

I am praying for Father too and wish him the best. I miss
seeing him on the network.

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