Father Goyo declares before police in Michoacan


The priest was called by the Michoacan Attorney General to declare as a citizen

The priest Gregorio Lopez, better known as the "Father Goyo " was called by the authorities of the Regional Deputy Justice of Morelia, the Commissioner for Security and Integral Development of Michoacán , Alfredo Castillo, informed.

The official said that the priest was required by the Michoacan Attorney General, as a citizen.

The objective , he said , is for Father Goya to submit , to Public Prosecutor, any complaints and statements he would want to express.

**" The Attorney General has required justice to the priest , as a citizen, to submit to the Public Prosecutor complaints, issues or statements in order to performs due diligences " said at a press conference .

Father Goyo has been known in reporting criminal acts that occurred in the town of Apatzingán .

The priest has denounced death threats against him and claims to know those who seek to harm him. life**.

eluniversal.com.mx/in-english/2014/padre-goyo-84199.html (picture at webpage)

In Mexico, things have gotten so out-of-hand in places, places like the Western State of Michoacan that “Auto-Defensas” have been set up, that would translate to “Self_Defense” groups to me. Of course, a “Self-Defense” group could be seen as something akin to Vigilantes. The LA Times writes about the Vigilante groups in this article below.

Vigilantes to disarm in Mexico’s Michoacan state

MEXICO CITY — The Mexican government has set a date for the so-called self-defense militias in the troubled western state of Michoacan to dissolve and account for their weapons, a move that does not necessarily signal the end of the vigilante movement.


But back to Father Goyo, it is interesting that a Priest is involved in the defense of the town mentioned and the article reads that basically he is testifying about what is going on there. It seems the fight against crime has been a relative success in that region though not without threats back.

I know this is a bit complex of a story to introduce but it is interesting nonetheless and it sounds like what this Priest, Gregorio Lopez better known as Father Goyo is important. There’s much more in the Mexican Media in this. I pray for his safety.

The first article from the Mexican newspaper El Universal does not read very clearly, looks a bit like it was translated using a service like google or babelfish. I hope it is clear enough.


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