Father Groeschel steps down from EWTN show


One of the posters on this article writes:

It took EWTN this long to pull the plug off this priest who publicly mouths heresy against Catholic Dogma on Salvation, while admitting that he has been showing signs of mental disequilibrium. It is obvious that the network would have kept him on the air mouthing more scandalous ideas and comments that not only hurt the feelings of victims of abuse but mislead souls to error and perhaps damnation, had his statement escaped publication. What irresponsibility!

What is this blogger referring to? I have only know Fr. Groeschel to be a saintly and faithful priest.

I believe this: ncregister.com/daily-news/father-benedict-groeschel-reflects-on-25-years-of-the-franciscan-friars-of is what the blogger is referring to.

I think this is all most unfortunate, but he’s obviously not well and we have to forgive him.

We also need to give the benefit of the doubt to people in media who didn’t unfortunately notice his mental decline before the objectionable comments were made. With his good reputation preceeding him, editors might not have scrutinized Fr. Groeschel’s work the way the probably should have.

Like all human institutions, EWTN is not infallible

Non-profits are “businesses” and this priest was one of its “stars”. Depending on your view, one could say they waited this long to determine if there was a way to salvage his name and reputation, but in the end decided the EWTN name was more important. Others will say they wasted no time in throwing him under the bus.

It all depends on your interpretation.

Let the discussions begin!:popcorn:

Father Groeschel gave me many meaningful and comforting words but his recent statements are more than troubling. Was it age that caused the horrific words he uttered about the priest sex scandal? I don’t know, but it was said and the damage has been done. It is best that he reflect on all this as we pray for him and those who have been seriously hurt.

I’ve heard about some of the remarks Father Groeschel has allegedly said and they don’t sound very clear-headed or charitable. However, I don’t think it’s very fair to judge him or his intentions on this Forum.

**According to the blogger this is what he was referring to:

It took EWTN this long to pull the plug off this priest who publicly mouths heresy against Catholic Dogma on Salvation, while admitting that he has been showing signs of mental disequilibrium.


This is what I am asking for an explanation of…what happened to give anyone the impression that Fr. Groeschel vocally gave heresay again the teaching of Salvation?

He has at times taken ecumenism too far. I say this as a fan of Father (while obviously being very disappointed in his recent comments)

Father Groeschel suffered head injuries from a car accident a few years ago and has been in declining health ever since. He deserves our prayers and understanding; we have been very fortunate to benefit from the advice and wisdom from such a faithful priest.

Definitely, although I notice that the person jmjconder quoted also “piggy backed” onto that, with another complaint against Fr. Groschel, regarding what’s necessary for salvation ("… heresy against Catholic Dogma on Salvation …").

Do any of us have any doubt this good priest will sometime in the not too far future hear these words “Well done, my good and faithful servant”?

Thank you

No doubt

With what he has been through in recent years the result of the accident. it is a wonder that he is still alive. I think anyone who has sustained serious injuries like he has had is liable to speak “out of his head” He is a good man and it makes me sad how the media has vilified him.:frowning:

The priest has apologized and stepped down, the subject is closed.

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