Father Groeschel

Does anyone know where Father Groeschel is? I haven’t seen him for the past two weeks on EWTN. I hope he is not ill. Please let me know. Thankyou. :shrug:


Looks like he stepped down.

The other thread on this just got closed. Apparently he resigned or is stepping down. Some people say because of his health. But, he made a pretty controversial statement about the priest sex-abuse scandal recently. The quote that I saw a lot was along the lines of , “a lot of priests were seduced in the abuse scandal”.

One of the posters on the other thread was asking if it was age or loss of mental faculty that would cause Fr. Groeschel to say this. Well… what if it was the Holy Spirit? What then? How dare we lash out at his comment, when we don’t know if it was led by the Holy Spirit or not.

God Bless Fr. Benedict Groeschel

See this thread. (It’s no longer open for posting but you can still read it.)

I’ll definitely miss him. :frowning:

All of us need to pray for him.

I am just sick. He is my mentor, my spiritual advisor and I am in the midst of reading every single book he’s every written. I just completed number 7 and have two more on the way. This is so unfair. why would Father step down? This is a very holy man. A man who has dedicated his entire life to helping others and so devoted to God. He is a living saint in my eyes. I will always stand by him. Let us remember that Father was in a horrific accident a number of years ago and we don’t know what it did to him, plus he has had a stroke which has left him a little disabled in speech and thought. No one will ever convince me that there was any wrong doing on his part, nor would he say something so outlandish, and most likely by his own admission, his thought process is not what it once was. I’m sure it didn’t come out as he had intended. I will be praying for Father. I am so heartbroken over this. Thank you for this information which I have to try to absorb now and process it. I will defend him to the end. He is one of God’s very own. :frowning:

Well, I think it’s enough to know that he did. Now we should just wait patiently to see what his next project will be (God willing that Fr have strength left for something new).


I think we need simply to respect this direction from our Moderator, Robert Bay,
and pray for Father in this difficult remaining period of his life,
and that his lifelong compassionate ministry will continue to bless and bear fruit,
remembering that at the close of Jesus’ earthly life, His mission at least appeared as a failure and He was deserted by most of His friends.

I agree. He will always be in my prayers because I believe he changed my life. He is someone I love. Thank you all for this information and now I will leave this thread and pray for Father. God bless you all.

Trishie, I’m not sure I understand the “failure” comment. I know there’s been some negative response to that particular interview, but I haven’t seen anyone calling him a failure.


I feel the same, and I’ll keep praying for him too. :slight_smile:

That comment is rather silly, I feel. They were poor priests to not fight seduction from young boys. how does that make them any better? And what kind of boy would try to seduce a priest?

In my humble opinion, RF, this ^^ isn’t appropriate to this thread.

oh, I’m sorry.:slight_smile: I was just putting in my two cents, which everyone else was doing, but I will certainly delete it if told to do so by a mod.

I’m so sorry this is so upsetting for you. I bet you can write him care of EWTN and they’ll forward it so you can express your appreciation and support. You don’t have to defend him, his life does that just fine. People can err, but it does not negate their life. Sometimes I think it’s why it was in God’s plan for Peter to deny Jesus. Just so we’d know how the great and holy can sometimes make mistakes. Still great. Still holy.

Peace be with you.

I heard he had been in a serious car accident with a severe head injury then just 2 days before the interview he fell and hit his head quite seriously. So I’m positive that is why he said something and I am sure we all know that it came out wrong and he was having trouble with his thoughts and speech. He’s a wonderful person and has done much good for the Church. I hope he can be well cared for and recuperate.

It may have been unwise, but there is truth in the remark. Once upon a time, women used to lust after handsome, or not so handsome young priests. Male teachers were tempted by high school girls not much younger than themselves. Given that quite a few priests involved in the scandals were homosexuals, I guess it works in that direction as well.

That was beautifully put, Julia Mae. Thank you.
May God bless us all.

I don’t think lashing out against Fr. Groeschel (or anyone, for that matter) is called for. However, Fr. Groeschel did issue an apology for his controversial words.


Absolutely. :yup:

Actually, it’s only you two, and one other poster, who are having this ^^ debate (which I believe is inappropriate) on this thread. The rest of us are sticking to the OP’s topic.

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