Father-in-law hinting at conversion


My Father-in-law is Protestant. I am Catholic and always will be. My wife was Presbyterian, but now a strong Catholic.

He often says things like “you are so devout, you would make a great minister, you can be married you know” and keeps on hinting he would like me to become Protestant.

What is the best response to this? What would you say?


A lot of it probably comes down to the kind of relationship you have with him. With my FIL, I’d probably make a lighthearted joke about it, “Oh, that would be pretty nice, except for the whole ‘being Catholic’ thing!” Or you could say, “I think we’re happy where we are, thanks.”


Yea, sometimes I don’t know if he is joking or what, kind of hard guy to read sometimes. My wife is the one who usually chimes in with something like “that would be like (her brother) becoming a Buddhist monk” etc.


Remind him that only the Catholic Church can trace back its origins to Jesus and the Apostles while any Protestant Church cannot go back any farther than 500 years. Also, remind him that having found the everlasting treasure of the true faith, why would go after twisted interpretations of Scripture?


I agree with you, and maybe I’ll try that. Thank you!


That’s not a bad response, either!

If he seems curious, you could remark that you are Catholic for a reason, and if he’s interested you’d be happy to explain why you wouldn’t leave. If he’s not curious, though, he may not want to hear it and would drop the conversation just for that reason. :wink:


I’d probably ignore the conversion part and just focus on the minister bit… “Me? A minister? No way!”


You’re right, I could bring that point up as well, it’s actually a little awkward saying something back to him about it, since I’m thinking to myself “what is he doing?” or “he knows I am Catholic, what gives?”.


Yea, maybe I should just be blunt like that.


Depends on the kind of relationship you have with him.


Well, I think it’s pretty good, but he is not that easy to talk with, sometimes I misunderstand what he says and he me as well at times.


You can tell him you can become a deacon.


I like that one.


Perhaps you could ask him whether he would consider becoming Catholic. If he reacts poorly to that you could then ask him why he would suggest that you become Protestant.


You can play the “ Mary “ card - the joy of the rosary -
Sounds like he’s trying to push your buttons -
maybe even a slight brain washing subconscious suggestion - ha !

Ask him if he’d maybe like to visit the Lady of Guadeloupe shrine - with you ?

Give him a jab or two - when the time seems right.
Maybe mention making confession - to a Priest -

Have respect, of course. But be the man of your household :relieved:


That could come off as insulting & potentially start a fight.


I really wish I had the courage too, I need to get up the courage to have that conversation one day, at the right opportunity without being too aggressive. I’m afraid of getting into an argument, rather than rationally discussing something and sharing truth with him. I guess fear is holding me back.


I want to, I really do, maybe I’ll have the chance one day.


You can point out to him that as a married man, your role is that you are (or will be) a great minister to your children… so mission accomplished already!


That works :slight_smile: haha thanks!

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