Father in Motorcycle Accident


Hello all,

If you could all please pray for my father. He is joining the seminary in August and was in a motorcycle accident last night. I just heard about it from the hospital a couple hours ago. Please pray for my family. I’ve never been more afraid in my life, and the thought of losing the most important person in the world to me is unthinkable. the doctors say he’ll be OK and should make a full recovery.

Thanks for your prayers.



Your Father will be in my prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.


Hail Mary full of grace
The Lord is with thee
Blessed are thou among women
And blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.
Holy Mary mother of God
Pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.


Hail Mary Full of Grace
The Lord is with Thee
Blessed art thou among women
Blessed is the fruit of thy womb
Holy Mary mother of God
Pray for us sinners now
and at the hour of our death.


Heavenly Father, watch over and heal this father. St.Joseph, patron of fathers, also keep him in your prayers for a full and quick recovery. We ask all these things, through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Praying for your father.
grandma glor


Praying for your father, for healing, recovery, and for all of you who are affected by this painful experience.


Rusty I ask God’s strength and comfort for you in the shock and anxiety of your Dad’s accident. I praise and thank God that he will recover; and that he is willing to commit himself to God’s service. I ask God to make this accident, and recovery time, a period of great grace and preparation for your father.

Take care of yourself, and God bless you greatly too, Trishie.
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Thank you all for your prayers. My father is doing well for being in the wreck less than 36 hrs ago. He’s being moved out of ICU when there is an open room, and his injuries are not permanent or too severe. I think the recovery time may conflict with seminary though.

Thank you all.


all the best for your dad, Rusty! God wants and needs him… so try to not get rattled, okay? TRUST in God’s love and divine providence to care for him…


I pray for his speedy and complete recovery.


Praying for his complete recovery.


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