Father John Corapi and Relevant Radio

I listen to a lot of Relevant Radio and I can’t help but form opinions about the voices. I wasn’t surprised to learn they have studios in Green Bay, Minneapolis, and Chicago, since so many of the callers, as well as Dr. Ray Guarendi, sound like characters from the movie “Fargo.”

I was shocked to look up Fr. Larry Richards’ site and see that he did not in fact look like George Costanza–or at least Jerry Lewis.:smiley:

I was familiar with Fr. John Corapi from EWTN, but listening to him on the radio (well, computer actually) has made me concentrate on his voice, so I have to ask the rest of you–Am I the only person who thinks Fr. Corapi sounds a bit like Richard Nixon? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yes. :slight_smile:

To me, he sounds more like Patrick Stewart would if Mr. Stewart had an American accent and not a British accent. Father is a good man, though. I have some 30-odd hours of his lectures on the Catechism on my Zune, and I listen to them in the car during my commutes.

That man has a wonderfully powerful voice. It’s perfect for what he does.

Oh, I’m not denying that. It helps to have a strong voice when you make strong statements, sometimes statements that are hard for people to hear. He’d seem less of an authority if he spoke in a wimpy, mealy-mouthed way, I should think.

I saw Fr. Corapi at an Archdiocesan event in St. Paul and my friend mentioned that he could be played by Sean Connery. Since then, I can’t shake the resemblance.

I love to try and picture the voice with a face. Been surprised a few times but NOT with Fr. John Corapi (except his height maybe:whistle: )

I study faces alot, developed that hobby when in Abnormal Psychology. You can see little boy humor in his face, but a strength that is powerful and determined. I just love the man and he has helped me understand my faith so much, he is not afraid to call a Sin a Sin:thumbsup:

I got to admit though, I pictured Fr. Corapi to be at least 6 plus in height. Even if he were only 4 foot nuttin,I would still listen to him and take to heart his teachings:thumbsup:

OK, you’ve got to tell me – is he standing on a box?

Don’t be silly! We talk normal… the rest of the country has an accent.

I have to say, your post reminds me of a friend I have down in Florida. She works as a medical transcriptionist from her home. Doctors send her tapes that she listens to & transcribes. She was saying that one doctor in particular is especially difficult to understand - she’s forever rewinding & replaying the tape to decipher what he’s saying. I asked, “Oh… is he from India?” And she said, “No worse - he’s from Wisconsin!” :rolleyes:

Father Corapi sounds like Sean Connery to me…large booming deep voice.

Camara Angles makes all the difference:thumbsup: Plus there is nothing tall next to him to give him scale of height.

I agree that is the first person that I thought of when I heard him speak and still do so to this day. Sean Connery.

Back to Hipster Doofus:

I was shocked to look up Fr. Larry Richards’ site and see that he did not in fact look like George Costanza–or at least Jerry Lewis.

Father Larry Richards is AWESOME!! If you sign up for his website www.thereasonforourhope.org you can get a free talk on ‘The Truth’ from him and it is amazing. Check it out! He did a parish mission that we went to and met him there. He is such an amazing person, he took time to talk to us and get to know us. God has blessed us with many great priests and he is one of them.

So is Fr. Corapi short? I pictured him at about 6’2" or 6’4".

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