Father John Corapi

I am curious if anyone hear has heard Father John Corapi preach? I really enjoy his preaching very much. His work helped me come back to the Catholic church. I was wondering if anyone here was famiiar with him.

VERY familiar. He seems to be one of those priests that you either really like, or you really DON’T like. He reminds me a bit of our former pastor, who was rather gruff and in your face, and you just knew that he loved you…and he loved you really hard!! :smiley:

Fr. Corapi is very conservative, which I like, but he’s also had his fair share of sowing wild oats, so he understands, perhaps better than many, the power of God’s mercy. Gotta love that.

I watch him on EWTN every Sat and Sun. He is the best priest in this day and age. He tells it like it is.

I love Fr. John Corapi!!! His conversion story is particularly powerful, going as he did from a super-rich financier, prey to the vices of the fast life revolving around money (His bedroom was once the size of most people’s houses) to a homeless alcoholic sleeping out on the street, to a priest on fire with the Love of God. He is a man who has “seen it all” and knows exactly what life is really all about. His love of God is powerful and inspiring, because He was gifted with God’s Great Mercy. I would recommend his talks to anyone, and a cd of his conversion story is available for free from the Mary Foundation. (catholicity.com/cds/)

Actually, there are many free Catholic cd’s on this site that are just amazing…conversions and teachings…really good speakers etc. Its worth checking out!

Peace and Blessings,

i got a cd from the Mary foundation of him speaking about his life…It was riveting…I see drug addicts all the time at work and it’s nice to see a success story… to say the least…

I LOVE Fr. Corapi’s preaching.

It doesn’t matter whether one hears him on the radio or sees him, his voice and his conviction, his joy and orthodoxy come through loud and clear.


Yes I have watched and listened to him many times. He is really good. He is making an appearance, (which are far a few between now days) On August 15th in Buffalo, NY.

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