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The Influence of Marxism in the United States Today

As the title of our conference indicates, we plan to cover two areas of an immense subject: first, to see something of what is Marxism, and then reflect on its influence in the United States.


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In the light of the SCOTUS ruling of today – this statement rather does jump out:

“We may begin by defining Communism as the social doctrine which affirms the community of goods and denies the right to ownership of private property.”


I think it has some good points and some bad. It gievs me a better idea of what Marxism is about, but I think he exaggerated its influence on American culture.

I kind of agree that radical feminism can play into the Marxist philosophy. BUT but I also think that women’s rights was a long time coming, and overall was a very positive development for the nation.

Taken to the extreme, I can see that if women abandon their roles as primary car givers, that would have a devastating effect on our children (and in some cases it already is having this effect as many families are merely dropping off very young kids at communal day care centers.) However, this does not necessarily have to lead to a socialist or marxist society.

This latest supreme court ruling is far more troublesome to me. The idea that the state can deny your rights to your own property is the most marxist ruling ever made in this country. People should be outraged by this, and demand that the legislators restore the right to individual property.

No one should be forced to sell if they do not want to, especially to some other private enterprise. It is one thing to take over a property because a new highway needs to be built, it is quite another to grant this to a developer of some other private enterprise. This is the first step towards a totalitarian state.


Other than being 180 degrees opposite of the Christian revelation that we can not save ourselves by material things, Marxism is just fine.


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