Father Joseph, MIC has the right idea!


"We Sweep—We Sanctify!

This article in the Marian Helpers Magazine is so good. Father has the right idea. Because the Marians are devoted to Divine Mercy and promote that message and love of our Blessed Mother worldwide they need to bless and " spiritually clean their property" often! I don’t blame them for doing this because they KNOW who is out to destroy their work. This is the order that Father Donald Calloway belongs to. His story, his conversion and his Priesthood are miraculous. God’s Mercy should NEVER be doubted. Father Calloway could be the “poster Child” for Divine Mercy.



Ummm… what is that supposed to be? All I see is what seems to be some kind of magazine type article/website that is almost completely blotted out with black markings across all the words, and jumbled up letters all piled up on top of each other! :astonished: :confused:


Worked for me just now. It showed the cover then loaded the first pages, There were two pages on the screen at one time. Clicked on the We sweep—We Sanctify and it went to the page before . I then clicked on the enlarge button at the bottom of the page, clicked the arrow to the right side of the page and got the article where I could see it and read it. All I can say is try again.


Dear CajunJoy,

It worked fine for me too. I think it is so very important for all in the Church to “clean the inside of the cup”. It is the Interior renewal we need at this time that is most important.

I was surprised that Father Joseph, in his article, “We sweep. We Sanctify”, did not mention Mary. When I went to the Mission statement of the Marians It says:

The foundation of the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception by St. Stanislaus Papczynski had as its prime purpose the proclamation of Devotion to the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Graces poured forth from the Divine Mercy come to us, by God’s Design, through Mary. If we are seeking Sanctity from God we need to look to her Who was sanctified before her conception – Mary was Immaculately conceived – and she was given to us by Jesus from His Cross, by His words to John: “Behold your Mother”.

The words from St. John Paul II’s address to the Legion of Mary in 1982 ring true:

Where the Mother is, there too is the Son. When one moves away from the Mother, sooner or later he ends up keeping distant from the Son as well. It is no wonder that today, in various sectors of secularised society, we note a widespread crisis of faith in God, preceded by a drop in devotion to the Virgin Mother.

So few seem to realize how neglected Mary is today, and worse – Mary is blasphemed by some. Some even within the Church not only fail to honor her but prefer to ignore her rather than offend others.

It is good that the Marians are seeking to combat evil and I hope they and we will seek Jesus always through Mary. God sent Jesus through Mary and He continues to send Him by the power of the Holy Spirit, through Mary.

Thanks for the article, CajunJoy. May the Marians and the Universal Church, Clergy and People, continue to ask God to Sanctify us, as He sanctified Mary. Like Mary may we stand firm beneath the Cross of Christ to defeat the evil one .

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