Father Larry Homily --NAILS IT!

Starts about 17:41


Less than 10 minutes, and he got everything in. Good job Fr. That message was a great reminder for everyone.


His homilies are always pretty short. He’s a great homilist.

I really like Father Larry. He’s the kind of priest a lot of us, myself included, need.


He has been through a lot in his life. But by God’s grace he is an amazing Priest.

It makes me sad and a little worried when Fr. Larry speaks so harshly of people who criticize Pope Francis. High-profile professional critics like Taylor Marshall deserve it, but I think the average concerned Catholic should be treated more gently. (I am not one of those. I just have some empathy for them.)

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I said years ago this day was coming. It was ok to be critical of JPII and Bendict, now that we have but since Pope Francis you now have “those that shall not be label” stating you can not be critical of the pope. If you are, then you are a bad catholic. Give it another few years and you will start to hear how you have excommunicate yourself

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I don’t remember it being ok to criticize any Pope.
One issue we have now that we didn’t in past pontificates is, people are addicted to information because of the internet.
Our expectations are completely unreasonable.


I see it differently. These days anyone can say anything about the Pope without fact-checking or critical thinking, and there’s a lot of rash judgment going on. Case in point, the sensationalist misquotation of Pope Francis regarding civil union or cohabitation of gay couples. This sort of slander is wrong.


Well back in the day, catholic would say, as long as you have a full form conscience, your good. Today it is you better agree with a follow what the Pope states, if you dont youre a bad catholic.

Not sure when “back in the day” was, but most of the rebellion we see happening is modern American populism in action. Nothing wrong with populism per se, but the Church is not a modern American populist free for all.

The idea that you are less able to criticize Church authority now than say…in the year 1500…is really hard to take seriously.

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Back in the day, as always, weren’t we supposed to follow what the pope says?

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Let’s begin with an openness to the question of whether Fr. Larry is correct in his message so that whether or not the reminder was indeed “great” is itself subject to scrutiny.

His response to the parishioner asking about gays in the military was to essentially reduce the issue to judging others which we ought not do.

So an individual in the military should not question at all whether someone who is gay should be permitted in the military because it is not up to us to judge the sins of others.

I think I have portrayed his argument fairly. Do let me know if you disagree.

Let’s see if that argument can be universalized to other situations to see how sound it is.

Should priests or bishops in the Church remain silent and not “judge” priests who abuse children or adolescents because “we are all sinners?” Seems just a little odd to hold that kind of position, no? At the very least it puts into question whether Fr Larry’s guiding principle has wide application.

Now you might claim that abusing children and homosexuality are at diffferent levels of criminality. Homosexuality is legal and consensual while sexually abusing children is not.

Okay, so what if your fellow priests were engaged in consensual homosexual behaviour, would we still assert that we shouldn’t judge others so we should not speak out about such behaviour? :thinking: That, too, seems a little odd, but perhaps that is what lead to years of silent “not judging” by bishops and priests in the Church?

So, you might reply, the military is not the Church. Okay, I would respond, so why is Fr. Larry applying a “Church” principle - i.e., to not judge others - to a non-Church problem?

At the very least the question of permitting gays in the military is not one answerable by religious standards but by military ones. Does permitting those who are gay into the military compromise the capacity of the military to properly fulfill its function? That, I submit, would be addressing the issue at the proper level. All the talk about not judging others seems to be misplaced.

So I am left puzzled by what the “great reminder” was in his homily.

To not judge others? Okay, so does that apply to not judging fellow priests and bishops in the Church who carry on homosexual or adulterous affairs? Is that what he is advising?


So, back in the day, when a Catholic followed her conscience (and the opinion of a number of theologians and possibly her parish priest) and used artificial contraception, that was OK even though the pope said it wasn’t?

My experience has been that criticizing Popes John Paul II and Benedict was unacceptable, particularly if you worked for the Church. Pope Francis seems to be fair game.


The great reminder was to love others. He specifically mentioned rash judgements and calumny of the pope as being unloving in a particular way.

I don’t know what you specifically mean by “judging”. But people should not rashly judge or say calumnous things about anyone.

He specifically said that he thought it was about picking and choosing who we love. Although, Fr. Larry did seem to give a reply to the parishioner that could be interpreted as wanting him to not judge the sinfulness of people. Anyway, to me the story didn’t conflict with anything else he said.

I am just talking about catholics that when jpII and bendict were Popes, they had no problem with “as long as you have a fully formed conscience” you could pick and choice how to follow catholic teaching. Today those people are saying you have to follow what francis says without question

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I’m sorry but I did not think this was so great. I could not even listen to the whole thing.
I do not believe he nailed it AT ALL!

I do not believe that everyone who heard that the pope said this, all over the medias, is being judgmental, prideful and arrogant, but worried and fearful for their family and the Church.

Even if this is a misinterpretation or taken out of context, which is possible, I get that, but how many people who heard what they heard will believe it and follow it into a lifestyle that will put their souls in grave danger.

Just because there are other sins that are grave sins besides homosexual acts doesn’t mean we ignore one or any. We work on all grave matter…

How hard will it be for Catholics to tell people, “oh that is not what the pope really meant”, when it is spread all over the medias and people who are bothered by hearing this are being called judgmental.

If Father Larry wants to clarify, fine, give a link to the correct translation but this homily did absolutely nothing to help the situation. Calling people judgmental who fear for their family and children is very uncharitable.

Young people today, whether it is true or not, just heard that the pope said civil unions should be allowed. I have seen so many posts from parents asking for prayers over this, it is sad and even more so when hearing concerned Catholics being called judgmental by a Catholic priest.

Praying for Pope Francis.

Praying also for Father Larry, I stopped listening to him in the past because of just such homilies.

:pray: :prayer_beads:


Thanks Fr Larry.

The Pope did not endorse homosexual activity…

The Pope did endorse laws to protect any group of people from persecution.

The Pope did stand for Christian values in doing so

The Pope is being persecuted by churchmen because of his Christ like behavior

I’m happy and feel very fortunate to have Pope Francis as the Vicar of Christ during my life.

May God continue to bless the Pope with great strength and fortitude…


The problem is, the whole world was told he did endorse civil unions and while you might say that is not what he said, many others are going to say he did. How will you prove you are right?

I agree he was trying to protect everyone from being persecuted and we as Christians need to treat everyone with love and everyone needs family, absolutely!!! but what the world heard, what young people heard, is what we now have to work on. We have to clarify what Church teaching is and it is going to be a difficult road ahead as seen by Father Larry’s homily.

If you try to clarify, or ask a question for clarification, you will be labeled judgmental, prideful and arrogant. If you say civil unions are a sin, you will be labeled as judgmental because there are other grave sins out there also and then people will say, Pope Francis said differently about civil unions.

Pray for the Church and pray for Pope Francis. This is not going to be easy.


Did John Paul II and Benedict XVI have entire segments of Catholic media outlets dedicated to bashing them at every turn?

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