Father Larry Richards and Franciscan University

Why isn’t Father Larry Richards allowed to speak at Franciscan University any longer?

Can you please provide some info to support the statement? If true, that could help in understanding why.

Here you go:


“June 5, 2009
What? Steubenville Summer Youth Conferences
Since so many of you have asked me about why I have no summer youth conferences listed, I have to sadly tell you that Franciscan University has informed me that I am no longer welcome to speak at their youth conferences. So, please pray for them and me as we seek God’s will.

Thanks for the link. It appears that the restriction is limited to youth conferences. That could give an indication on how to search for the cause.

I just did a google search…I want to know the reason, after seeing this thread. :o There’s nothing on the internet as to why??? His style is very blunt, direct…no candy coating (which I appreciate)…I’m wondering if that could be why? And seeing that these are kids, maybe parents complained? I’m completely guessing, but if anyone has info on this, I’d be interested in knowing why. He is a great priest…it sounds like he is saddened by it. :frowning:

I was surprised to hear of this. I have listened to a few of his talks and I doubt it was because of anything unorthodox he said. I Googled too and it looks like he was a big part of the youth conferences in the past.

Fr. Larry doesn’t pull any punches, that’s for sure. That’s why I’m such a fan of his. :smiley:

I have heard a number of talks by Fr. Larry (one of them at Steubenville) and I see no doctrinal reason why he would be excluded from the conferences.

There is probably some personal disagreement or incompatibility between him and the conference organizers – which wouldn’t be any of our business anyway…

I will email one of our Deacons, who is very aquainted with Fr. Richards, and ask if he has any information. I probably should have done this first before I posted the query. :rolleyes:

***I agree…but we’re adults.

Maybe there were parents who didn’t agree with his style. :confused: I have listened to a few cd’s from the Mary Foundation…where he talked about morality, etc…and sometimes he uses words that are…hmmm…modern…slang…instead of saying ‘aroused’ he uses other words to possibly relate to the audience. When I heard some of it, I don’t know if I’d like my 13/14/15 yr old daughter or something hearing a priest talking this way. That crossed my mind. Just made me scratch my head a minute…‘did I just hear him say what I thought he said?’ :o I’m not a prude, but it took me aback a second.

Again, I have no idea why he isn’t invited there to speak…I’m just guessing. I think he is awesome, and brave! :thumbsup: Maybe too brave for some. :o***

***Yes…we are waiting for the answer! Thanks for doing that. ***

From what I can gather, it seems that Fr. Richards conservative philosophy may have clashed with some of the more liberal ones at Steubenville.

Go get’em Father! :thumbsup:

***Amen! How sad that Catholic universities are bowing down to liberal thinking. :rolleyes:

Is this the same university that Scott Hahn speaks at sometimes? I want to say yes, can’t remember now. ***

Is Steubenville liberal?

Guys if you look at the list (published by Fr. Richards) of sins that must be confessed you will see that gossiping is one of them. Maybe we should stop here! :o

I would say that Steubenville is one of the most conservative Catholic universities in the US. Scott Hahn is a professor there.

mscamp: do you have any “inside information” that liberals at Steubenville pushed Fr. Larry out, or are you just speculating? This does not seem plausible.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe some parents objected to Father’s direct, ‘in your face’ strong-willed style at the youth conferences.

Note: No matter how ‘conservative’ you may think a college might be, there is always elements of the ‘liberal’ faction in residence. This is the battle that is being waged on our Catholic campuses. Especially now. Georgetown, Notre Dame, Holy Cross…

I admire Professor Hahn a great deal. It is his teachings that helped me Cross the Tiber Easter 2007 after Jesus Christ presented Himself to me in the Most Blessed Sacrement through a live broadcast on EWTN from the Vatican on Holy Thursday (at the time it was just another Thursday to me) 2006…but that’s another story.

We must be ever vigilant and strong-willed like Father Richards as we lean into the hail of ‘bullets’ headed our way during this current political climate.

Yours in Christ,


Again – do you have a source that would have credible information on this situation, or are you just speculating?

Excuse me?

What do you think it was?

There are going to be a lot of people who care very much for him that are going to wonder what happened. These are very sensitive times when it comes to our higher Catholic education.

Are you speculating with this comment?

And thanks for telling us what is and is not our business. I think we can figure that out ourselves.

I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking you.

You originally stated that you were getting information from “one of our Deacons, who is very acquainted with Fr. Richards”, and later asserted that Fr. Richards is being excluded due to a liberal-conservative clash.

From your sequence of posts, it’s unclear if this statement came from your deacon, or if it was just a guess on your part.

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