Father Michael Manning

I watched his show last night, really like him :thumbsup: , anyone else?

I knew him years ago, and still support his work. Haven’t had a chance to see him for a long while. We did one retreat weekend for married couples with him. He is a talented, hard working, dedicated priest.

I wonder why he’s on the Protestant networks (TBN, TCC, although, to TBN’s credit, they are also showing Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s “Life Is Worth Living” now) and not EWTN? I’ve only seen him a couple of times, and the 2nd time he had a guest from Voice of the Faithful, so he basically lost credibility w/ me at that point. Maybe he’s changed?

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Why has he lost credibility w/you, cause of the networks that air or don’t air his brodcasts? :confused:

He can get affordable air time; he works on a shoestring. He has worked hard to develop a good relationship with TBN and keep a Catholic presence there.

I like him, too! I first saw him on TV many years ago, and love his personality.

Please keep reading. Think about his content.
Is it really effective or appropriate to have a Catholic presence on TBN that is preaching content that is not in line with the magisterium? I think not. When he talks about a lady from Avila named Teresa, and won’t call her a saint, I think that’s weird. Protestants need to hear us calling our saints “saints.” Little by little, they need to get used to OUR lingo, not hear ours watered down so it’s unrecognizable. That’s not only false ecumenism, it’s just completely ineffective and forgettable. Our ways could and should be their ways, but if we don’t bother to teach them correctly, they’ll never have what we have. It is their birthright to get a CORRECT Catholic presence, just as it is ours.

I’m trying to give Father the benefit of the doubt.
I’m wondering how old those shows on TBN are. I’m hoping maybe they are old and maybe he’s not so “watered down” today. . .but I don’t have a way to find out. It is problematic for me that the watered down shows I have seen of his are all recorded and could conceivably be played over and over, spreading error again and again. Note to self: If I ever have a TV talk show on TBN, make sure I say things that are correct, things I can stand by for the rest of my life, since they will be on film forever. . .

I think it’s awesome that TBN plays Bishop Sheen though. Bravo for TBN. I listen to those old programs and I feel like Bishop could be speaking today. How could he have known all he did? Well one thing. . .he didn’t water down his content.

No, because of his guest from Voice of the Faithful, a heretical Catholic group. I just think it’s kind of odd that he’s a Catholic priest and not on a Catholic station, *only *on Protestant ones (I( think it’s nice that the Protestant stations will air a Catholic show).

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I think it’s great that the protestant station airs something Catholic from time to time too. I just wish what was being said was always faithful to the magisterium. I could see a place on protestant tv just to explain from a Catholic point of view how we see things, and to teach our vocabulary for even the things that we both agree on. The protestants don’t know our vocab so I think at the very least a Catholic program focusing on what we agree on but using Catholic words would be very helpful for ecumenism.

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SAN BERNARDINO - A Roman Catholic priest with a worldwide television ministry based here has admitted to having a sexual relationship with his cousin, a county schools superintendent on California’s Central Coast.

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