Father Michael Pfleger


Arguments for or against his arrest will commence now. It is my understanding that when one threatens murder that can be a criminal offense and may include jail time.

Should he be arrested and/or go to jail?

It must be said that Father Pfleger is lying when he says that he didn’t know that “snuff” meant murder as any man who can complete seminary training knows basic English.


We are all held accountable for our words and actions. When you violate the laws, you need accept the responsibility for your actions. IF he arrested, he deserves due process. The church needs to handle this quickly, in a fair manner. From my understanding, he has had problems there before.


Is this the priest in Chicago who threatened the owner of a gun shop as part of his anti-violence kind of rhetoric? I read some of what he said and think that you have to read between the lines to think that he’s threatening to actually harm the guy… but that’s just me.


Link, please.





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I found a link :slight_smile:


“Snuff you out” defintely can mean murder but I tend to think reading the story that he meant snuff you out like you snuff out a candle (ie extinguish). I highly doubt he even meant to imply they were going to hunt the guy down and kill him but rather that they were going to hunt down the guy and extinguish what he was doing.

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I know that Father Pfleger has done some very good things in that rather rough neighborhood where he serves but he plays so fast and loose with the liturgy and he is so openly disobedient to his bishop one is hard pressed not to find just a little satisfaction in seeing him challenged in this way.

This will be interesting to watch. Father places himself in the middle of some controversy or other every few weeks.



And exactly what does that mean? To extinguish his life?

It never ceases to amaze me the extent to which people will go to make excuses for the bad deeds of others.

Fr Pfleger is a wayward priest. There are two other threads about him, here is a link to one that provides all sorts of news stories, and even posts from his own parish. . .

Fr Pfleger has pro-abortion speakers at church functions, he defies Cardinal George, he is over the top and should be removed. Strong words, but this guy is taking the Catholic faith down the wrong path.


For more about Father Pleger’s parish, see link below:

You will notice that St. Sabina has a format similar to a lot of the bigger Baptist churches in Chicago. You will also notice that Father Pfleger is the only Catholic priest as pastor of my knowledge who has his own bodyguard detachment (Armorbearers).

As to what happened, nobody here is surprised.


This is just the way in which Fr. Pfleger goes about with rhetoric. he’s a tough talker. It probably seems like a big deal to those who aren’t from here and accustomed to it. But he isn’t threatening anyone’s life. No one would think that in Chicago. He must simply be understand under the context of leading social action that he is so noted for.


I try to be charitable to Fr. Pfleger in my comments on his long history of disobedience to the diocese. He runs the parish much like a Protestant Church and definitely to his own liking. On the plus side, he loves his parishoners. He loves Jesus Christ. His means to an end are unconventional. He is always around controversy, but then as Christians aren’t we all called to be counter culture? I just have a hard time respecting his methods. To me he is a lot like Jesse Jackson in terms of liking the lime light and the microphone. I cringed when I heard his comments. I don’t think he would ever advocate violence. I don’t think he needs or deserves jail time. He does however seem to advocate disobedience. He will not leave that parish and he has things his way. It is certainly one of the problem areas in the Chicago diocese. Sorry, but I feel like those of us in Chicago have had more than our dose of Fr.'s actions.


I live in the burbs, and am used to hearing Pfleger, I refuse to call him Father. I think he knew exactly what he was saying, knew that it would get people talking. I don’t believe he would personally kill the gunshop owner but his words could easily incite someone else to do so, of course he would then say that the person who did it was mentally deranged and shed some alligator tears for the gunshop owner and his family. Pfleger is a showman, who has done some good but it is outweighed by his refusal to obey his bishop and his leading his parishoners away from true Catholic teaching.


The irony is that he has accomplished an effectiveness of parish leadership which many of us would wish to see (and often gripe about here) out of more pastors. So it’s sort of like we want to have it both ways. Be a leader, but don’t really rock the boat.


Here’s Fr. Pfleger’s own response from his parish’s website

Sounds like he is sincere to me.


One big problem I see is that Fr. Pfleger is running the parish on a cult of personality. He’s not going to live forever, and his successor is going to have a rough time I fear. And the Armourbearers are just plain creepy - too much like Louis Farakhan’s Fruit of Islam.


There is a lot more to leadership than just making idiotic, illegal, and kneejerk comments like what he did.

He’s a disgrace to the Priesthood.


What is this?

UNITY SUNDAY, June 3rd, 2007
One worship service at 10:00 AM
Live Audio webcast begins at 10 AM

I thought yesterday was “Trinity” Sunday. This is hardly a “Catholic” church.

Regular Weekday Schedule - Worship Services with Eucharist (Mass)
On Every Saturday at 5:00 p.m.
(No Children’s Sunday School, No Choir in Session)

On the First Sunday of Each Month
One Unity Service at 10 a.m.
(No Children’s Sunday School, Levites Choir will be in Session)
Next Unity Service will be March 5, 2006

On Every Other Sunday , the 2nd, 3rd , 4th or 5th of Each Month

Sunday at 8:30 a.m.
(Children’s Sunday School & Praise Team in Session)

Sunday at 11:15 a.m.
(Children’s Sunday School & Levites Choir in Session)

Why is **the Mass **in parentheses? I think that says it all!!!:frowning:

The more I read about this guy, the less I lean toward giving him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his comments. It sounded fishy to me. I hope it was just a mis-spoken phrase, but this situation is more than out of hand. I grow weary. No wonder there is still so much anti-Catholicism in this country, when even the priests act like this.:frowning:

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