Father Mike's take on the Pennsylvania "Church" situation



Father Mike for the next pope?!


No thanks. Besides he’s not even bishop. Bishop Barron for pope tho


Hey, even laity can become pope.

Ok. Bishop Barron first then Father Mike.

Bam! Popes sorted for next few generations. Papal Conclave, you are welcome.


I am going to listen to this, but the word SEX being bigger than any other word in that graphic made me LOL. Ascension Presents sure knows how to market itself/ get people’s attention.


I don’t know if that’s necessarily true that the laity can become pope


OK, so according to Fr. Mike the seminaries have been cleaned up too.


He said many times in this video this is only what *HE KNOWS. He’s speaking from his perspective and what he’s seen and experienced.


Sure can. Technically any catholic man of good standing.

You have a chance to be Pope SacredHeartBassist I


So, how many priests do we have to survey before we can trust their perspective for USA?


I’m not saying that what he said is the 100% actual truth for all seminaries in the world and neither did he, I am just stating what he stated. I posted a link to a homily by Father Larry Richards who himself was abused at 17 by the Seminary rector, he reported 2 Priests and he had lived with 10 of them in the report. I can only go by their personal responses of what they themselves have experienced. I’m sure if each and every Priest in the world today was interviewed you get a truer response. The reports are out there I am sure with all of the facts and all of the statistics. I could ask my own Priest and get a different answer possibly. One Priest doesn’t speak for all Priests in the world but he does speak to what he himself knows. Just saying. I heard somebody say once in regards to anything if you say something is perfect and there is no room for improvement you are just fooling yourself. There is always room for improvement in everything. I imagine until Jesus Himself comes again there will be abuse of this kind going on somewhere because sin doesn’t go until Jesus puts satan under His feet forever.


Didn’t Father Larry go to seminary about 1977? That’s 20 years before Father Mike.
We all know the 70s were rotten for the Church and every other place.

My point is, it seems like everybody with knowledge of this subject is telling the same story about how the vast majority of abuse happened decades ago and that the Church since the late 90s or the early 00s has been working very hard to clean it up.

It’s a point that a lot of peopel seem to be willfully missing, and when someone states it, they get told that they are minimizing the problem, sweeping it under the rug, or ignoring the fact that there is a “problem with leadership” (despite the fact that bishops and heads of seminaries are obviously behind the cleanup effort for the last 20 years or so).


I can only go by what I read and what I hear cause I wasn’t there.


I know this was true in the early church, but I thought a current requirement requires the candidate be ordained to the presbyterate for at least five years.


I don’t think you two are actually disagreeing.


Thank you for sharing.


The two parochial vicars who have served my church shortly after their ordinations in the past 4-5 years have been joyful, loving, enthusiastic, and smart. Their liturgies and homilies have been excellent. I can only assume that our bishop and his staff are guiding discernment wisely and that the seminaries these young men attend are doing a good job. I feel so sorry that these faithful young priests will have to suffer humiliation for wearing a collar in pubic because of this terrible scandal. I’m not denying that more scandal is possible, but from where I sit, much has improved over the past few decades. Leaving the church is not a choice for me. As Fr.Mike says, “Don’t leave. Lead.”


Aparently Cardinal O’Malley recognizes there is a problem

This open letter references problems experienced by someone during their time at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary from 2010 to 2011 and at Saint John’s Seminary from 2014 to 2016:

Seton Hall is opening an investigation as well:


So is it just certain seminaries then, or certain priests, or did the problem recur since Fr. Mike’s graduation?


I would venture to say it’s highly probable that the problem is only certain segments of certain seminaries. I think it would be a mistake to assume that all seminaries have this “homosexual sub-culture” just because some of them reportedly do.

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