Father Mitch Pacwa on 4/25/12 at about 3:20 P.M

Anyone else listening to the show? I heard the tail end of a call where Father Mitch told the caller to refer to him as Dr. Pacwa and was absolutely 100% serious. I have heard the caller before and he has been very antagonistic. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what was said prior that would lead to Father Mitch making that statement.


I didn’t catch all of what was said, but it sounded like the caller was attempting to refer to Fr. Mitch as “Mitch.” Father responded by telling him that if he didn’t want to call him Fr. Mitch, he would have to call him Dr. Pacwa.

Okay…I have heard that same caller before and he tried to pull that same stuff last week I believe. I’m glad that Father Mitch stood up for himself like that. If I remember correctly Father Mitch gave this guy about 20 minutes of the show last week allowing the guy to throw out all kinds of “hypothetical situations.” Father Mitch was awesome. Never lost his cool, answered every one and the guy had no response.

Good for Father Mitch!

I am grateful for Father Pacwa and glad that he did not get baited into an argument. Let’s all pray for the conversion of the caller. :slight_smile:

A rule of thumb I learned as a kid: Debate anyone, but never,ever, ever, EVER, argue with a Jesuit!!!

I went to the archive of the Open Line program over at EWTN, so as to hear last week’s episode. I must say, it was very uncomfortable listening to the young man’s call, and to hear the arrogant and flippant tone he was taking. Moreover, the contrast of the shallowness of the caller’s thought to the depth of Fr. Pacwa was quite revealing.

It is quite sad to think of the state of the modern West with regard to God. So many, especially the young, feel it quite natural to not only be atheistic, but to be so based upon some sort of vague feeling that atheism is self-evident. Not agreeing with an intellectual position is one thing; simply writing it off without a second thought is quite another.

Fr. Mitch Pacwa is apart of the Society of Jesuits. At the end of his name he has a title S.J. So it would be Fr. Mitch Pacwa S.J. From what I heard the Society of Jesuits are trained and heavily educated. It is like getting an Phd. So I am assuming he has “Phd” or “Dr.” level theological studies.

Fr. Mitch is a brilliant and wonderful man.

i wish he’d have been more assertive on those Ankerberg/Martin youtube debates.

This caller is not lukewarm but passionate. Obviously hurt/angry. Christ & His church are on his mind. This is good!

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what was said prior that would lead to Father Mitch making that statement.

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