Father of girl, 12, who had baby with boyfriend, 13, says they could not have stopped her becoming pregnant



A man claiming to be the father of a 12-year-old girl today revealed he was ‘proud’ of her and there was ‘no shame’ after she gave birth to her 13-year-old boyfriend’s baby - making them Britain’s youngest parents.

The unidentified girl had a daughter last weekend after conceiving when still at primary school. She was 11 then, and is now in Year 7 at school, while her boyfriend is in Year 9 at another school.

Today, her ‘father’ said that he would stand by his daughter - but admitted that he ‘broke down with emotion’ when discovering only four weeks ago that his eldest daughter was about to give birth.


The man, from North London, no longer lives with the girl’s mother, who has become a grandmother at 27.

So doing the math, the mother is 12 and her mother is 27, so she got pregnant at 14 or 15 herself.


Giving thanks that she did not have an abortion. Praying for them and their child.


Not surprising that an absentee father results in a daughter becoming pregnant at an early age. Girls without a proper father or father figure in their life seek out the love that Dad should have given them. It’s obvious he’s not been in her life if he only found out about her pregnancy 4 weeks before the birth (i.e. 7-8 months into the pregnancy).

And thank God the girl and those in charge who didn’t kill the baby out of convenience or some other excuse. I hope the girl and the baby do well.


This does not surprise me, back when I was in middle school, way back in the late 80s, many of my fellow classmates were starting to have their first sexual experience around the age of 11-13, I cant imagine how young they starting today, if they were starting that young back in the 80s…WOW!


One of my fellow classmates from HS (graduated with me in 94) became a grandfather at 32.


What I want to know is what were the parents of both the boy and the girl doing while all this was happening? Do parents not keep track of their kids anymore?

What does it say about both families?

I am glad the girl had the child and I can only hope for the best, but frankly someone needs to check into the entire set of parents and family situation. What a mess.

I remember very well, getting stern warnings about my activity with boys once I was around 10 years old. Some of the older boys in the neighborhood were not even allowed to play with us, unless parents were present and we had better not get caught wandering off with anyone. My brother was told how he better treat girls and how he better not get a girl pregnant out of wed-lock. We knew our parents meant business.

I just don’t understand the lack of parental control these days. I just don’t.


While I can see why some people here might be shocked at the ages of the individuals involved, I think that those of us who are pro-life should acknowledge the incredible courage of the young girl involved. Giving birth is scary at the best of times, but deciding to carry her child to term at such a young age is nothing short of heroic. If we want to stop teenagers from having abortions than we have to start treating pregnant teens in a different way. Mocking them only drives them into the arms of abortionists.


I have to agree. At least the families did not try to “cover this up.” But I just don’t get how parents are not more aware of what their kids are doing. I suppose having separated parents helps nothing, as well as having both parents working all the time. I feel lucky my mom was a stay at home mom. Back then, more moms were at home and more parents did know where their kids were most of the time.


There could be lots of reasons. I know of more than one case where girls around this age got pregnant afterschool because they were “bored”. Others because they lied or friends lied for them. There are any number of reasons the parents were clueless.

That is why you need to teach your children right and wrong and how to make good decisions on their own. That way when they aren’t supervised, they hopefully won’t do something so life changing.


Teenage pregnancies are extremely common among a certain class of people in the UK. This is not your average middle class family, trust me.


If kids of that age get it in their mind to do something, they will find a way, no matter what a parent does, kids of that age are pretty slick sometimes.

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