Father of population control movement supports sex-selective abortion, mass sterilization

Father of population control movement supports sex-selective abortion, mass sterilization
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Author of “The Population Bomb,” Paul Ehrlich.
June 27, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Even when confronted with the deaths of 160 million children in the womb simply because they were girls, the father of the modern population control movement doesn’t bat an eyelash.

The problem of sex-selective abortion has been receiving increased scrutiny in the media recently, following the release of Maria Hvistendahl’s book “Unnatural Selection,” which was reviewed last week in the Wall Street Journal.

In that book the author documents the devastation wrought by widespread female gendercide in countries that favor sons over daughters. She also records a discussion about prenatal gendercide with Paul Ehrlich, the author of the 1977 book “The Population Bomb,” a seminal work in the modern population control movement.

In “The Population Bomb,” Ehrlich had mentioned sex selection as a potentially effective tool for reducing population, although effective prenatal gender determinators such as ultrasound had not yet been invented.

When recently confronted with his support for sex-selective abortion by Hvistendahl, Ehrlich reportedly expressed his continued support for the practice. Ehlich told Hvistendahl, “it would be a good idea to let people have their choice so that they could have fewer children and could have what they wanted.”

“You can be aborted as a conceptus, you can be killed at birth, or you can be sold into slavery and die in a slum someplace,” he said.

Hvistendahl writes that after she pointed out that the prenatal killing of girls has forced surviving women into even greater suffering, brought about by higher rates of kidnapping, sex trafficking and marriage brokering, Ehrlich agreed but dismissed the statistics as “the old unintended consequences problem.”:eek:


A few dozens of atomic bombs would do the job fast and efficiently. Cheers :shrug:

“Beneath The Planet of The Apes” was bad enough; we dont want the real thing! We could even end up with Wells Morlocks! :eek:

Erlich should lead by example by having himself sterilized.

Anybody who reads “Population Bomb”, looks at a calender and STILL considers Ehrlich a meaningful thinker needs a good hard slap in the face.

The man is the secular equivalent of Harold Camping.

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