father oprah?

I was watching the oprah winfrey show and this roman catholic priest was on named father oprah? I know this has probably been discussed already as news about this roaman catholic priest is old news now. but what i don’t understand is Why , how can a person who choses the catholic faith based on the fact that it is the one true faith. just give up and go to another faith that isn’t. he was a priest surely he knew what he was giving up. and she was a roman catholic too why didn’t she …ugh. never mind this topic is too heart wrenching. I’m just dumb founded about it. he could have gone to the bishop or whom ever and said I want to leave the priest hood. but instead he sneaks around with one of his parishoners???. why couldn’t he have just left the priest hood and continue to attend the church with his wife as parishoners.? thats all i want to know.

if the catholic church is = truth then why would anyone chose half truths in another church.
would he have been excumicated if he asked to leave.? I’m confused. I’m not trying to start a heated debate I’m just trying to understand why people would leave after comitting themselfs to the church and the trilogy. :shrug:

:: Is confused:: Maybe his last name or something just happens to be Oprah? I don’t understand your post…

I saw the brief lead in to the Oprah show…and saw where the priest appeard…

Actually his appearing on the show offended me. He is called Fr Oprah because he seems to embrace the touchy freely attitude of some…I don’t know what happened, really… but I think I will pray for them both.

and I thought everyone knew who father oprah was??? so for those that don’t know:

Father Oprah is a roman catholic priest who was having an affair with one of his parishoners.
he was caught on camera with a woman on the beach making out.

this catholic priest was so well known and respected and beloved that it was a shock to everyone. the woman he was seen kissing and having sex with is also roman catholic and attends his church. I never knew why they called him father oprah , but I thought it had to do with oprah winfrey.

he appeared on the oprah winfrey show and said that he loves the catholic church and his vows of celebacey, but he fell in love and for awhile hid his feelings until he couldn’t hide them anymore. his “girlfriend” this roman catholic parishoner of his, encouraged him to serve god in another church after the roman catholic church threw him out . so his girl friend said
he can be a priest in another church that will allow married priest so they won’t have to hide thier love for each other . here is a link to that story.

abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory?id=7699476 - 67

he is marrying the girl now. but my question was : how can someone who believes in what the catholic church teaches and love the catholic church. go to another church that does not teach the same things?

I am sure the epicapalian church does not see things the way the catholic church does so how will he preach to his congregation, he has been a priest for the roman catholic church for a very long time which means he had a calling and he believes what the catholic church teaches is truth so how can he or anybody go from the truth of the catholic church to teaching half truths at an episcapallion church.

he’s doing it not because he had a change of heart about what the church teaches but because he loves his girlfriend and doesn’t want to be celebate anymore. that was his only reason for leaving.

he was called Father oprah because of his “oprah winfrey” style of preaching.
this story came out months ago, I’m surprised no one has heard about this?

He was called “Fr. Oprah” before this scandal broke, because he headed the archdiocesan Radio Paz and Radio Peace broadcasts out of Miami, heard throughout the Americas and in Spain. He was given the nickname because he had become famous for his relationship advice, both on-air and as an author.

He could have voluntarily asked to be laicized in order to marry, but then he would be forbidden from exercising any of the ministries of the priesthood. As far as I know, he would even be forbidden from functioning as an EMHC. He would have retained his priestly character, which is indelible, but if he were to celebrate the sacraments, it would be illicit, though valid, excepting that it would be licit under certain emergency circumstances. (For instance, he would be required to hear the confession and confer absolution on a person in danger of death, if they request it.) Once laicized, a priest may re-enter the ministry only with the direct consent of the Holy Father.

It is a bit of an irony, of course, that married Episcopal priests who later join the Roman Catholic Church are occasionally ordained and serve as married priests within the Church. But they are within the Church discipline: that is, that the Holy Father may occasionally choose to ordain a married man. I don’t think the Church has ever allowed men to marry after ordination.

Among the deacons in the Roman Rite, young widowers with young children are sometimes allowed to re-marry, so perhaps there is some precedent, but it is not one that would apply in this circumstance.

Who said that no one has heard about this? It was your initial post that was unclear. In addition to not clearly laying out the facts of the case, honestly, the lack of capitalization and punctuation in some places made an already confusing post even more difficult to read. :wink:

The priest in Miami is named Alberto Cutie and is called Father Oprah, as you finally pointed out, because of his TV-friendly, Oprah-style of preaching. He was a high-ranking priest of the Archdiocese of Miami who supervised the archdiocesan radio station. He was a media mega-star throughout Latin America, because his youthful good looks and charisma were seen on Spanish-language telecasts throughout the region. He was less prominent in English-language media outside of South Florida.

He was photographed kissing (not having sex, but kissing) a woman (not a girl, but a 35-year old woman) on a beach in South Florida. The Spanish tabloids immediately ran with this story several months back, then CNN picked it up, and he was suspended from the priesthood. The immediate reaction in the South Florida Hispanic community was to defend him (crowds lined up outside his parish, with signs supporting him), but after he admitted having an affair and ultimately announced his defection to the Episcopal Church, where he promptly married his paramour, support waned. The Archbishop of Miami stated that the priest had never informed him that he was contemplating leaving the Church for another communion, a fact that made the priest’s actions even less popular. This was compounded by the fact that the Episcopal bishop who received him had never even contacted the Archbishop of Miami as a courtesy, despite the media spectacle that was already underway, and the fact that the two had worked together on various ecumenical projects.

The Episcopal Church’s canons require someone to be a member of that church for at least a year before being admitted to active ministry. While Cutie has not declared that he has intends to seek admission to the Episcopal Church’s priesthood, it is widely expected that he will do so.

I share your wondering how he could do so in good conscience. There is a wide range of belief within the Anglican Communion, and most Roman Catholic beliefs are to be found, even if only among a minority. So Cutie could continue to believe in the Immaculate Conception, Assumption, the sacrificial nature of the Mass, the sacrament of confession, etc., and find himself numbered among the “Anglo-Catholic” Anglicans, some of whom who believe these things. However, such beliefs are not required, and in many places they are actively opposed. How a priest could in conscience allow himself to be incardinated in such a setting, or even be received into it as a layman, for that matter, is beyond me.

I do not know if it is possible any more for me to be amazed at what people will do because they are “in love”. Let’s face it: it has descended all the way to fraud, murder, and suicide. It has included abdication of the throne of England. It routinely breaks up families, sometimes starting with the foolish wish that mothers or fathers can be made to be interchangeable to the children, not to mention the foolish proposition that no one should be bound by vows when the vows don’t always succeed in making them happy.

Priests are people, too. They are as prone to self-delusion as anybody else. This isn’t so different, just a different kind of delusion. I know celibacy can be very hard, and I feel for him, but leaving the Church in order to marry the woman he had fallen in love with wasn’t his only option. But that is why he did it: He wanted to be both a priest and to marry after ordination, and he couldn’t have that in the Roman Catholic Church. So he left for a church that he hopes is willing to give that to him.

There is even a web site started by a “transitioned priest”, dedicated to “helping” Roman Catholic priests leave the priesthood to marry:
It is incredibly sad.

but my question is, how do you go from teaching or preaching the wisdom of the catholic church and then go to another church whose ideas and moral teachings are not the same and continue to preach? what will this priest do when he is faced with that delima? will he preach what the catholic church believes to be true or what his new episcapallian chruch teaches? how can you just switch just like that.

its like saying I’ve believe all my life that the world is round but now that im in your church I will preach that the world is flat??. how can you just switch up like that.?

He had only two other alternatives:

  1. “I ask to be released from my promise to remain celibate, because I hope to marry, and I accept that, once released, I can no longer act as a priest.”
  2. “I can’t marry you, because when I became a priest, I promised to remain celibate for the rest of my life.”

This wasn’t a question of theology. He left the Church because the only alternatives were leaving the priesthood or leaving the woman he wanted to marry.

but isn’t it a question of theology now? what will he preach? the teachings of his old church or those of the new one? he said he doesn’t want to be known as the anti celebate priest, he married the woman now. and she was also roman catholic, I wonder if she has switched churches too. which makes me wonder why did they come to the catholic church in the first place. when hit with the truth would you rather tell lies? he could stop being a priest and continue comming to worship at the catholic church with his now wife. and continue with his talk show or what ever programs he had aside from his priestly duties. as a priest leave the church but as a citizen he could still worship there.

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