Father Patrick Allen, Married Father of Two, Leaves Anglicanism to Become Catholic Priest

This article gives the story of an Episcopal cleric in the U.S. who has become a Catholic priest, and what it matters to his life and to his family. (Having a wife and two children is perfectly allowable for Catholic priests in the ordinariate of former Episcopalians/Anglicans.) The most memorable part of this article is the opening photo taken at his ordination as a Catholic deacon.
see www.postandcourier.com/article/20130720/PC1204/130729998

Praise God for former Protestants wanting to come Home and be in UNION with the* VICAR OF CHRIST*

That is an absolutely awesome picture of humility where he’s laying prostrate. Wow.


I hope we don’t forget those who are being pulled away from Holy Church because of the intensity of anti-Catholic propaganda in the culture as we rejoice with this new priest and his family who refused to remain with the ever-more paganized Episcopalian church.

That’s good news!

From the article:
Cracks of schism were widening nationwide over the Episcopal Church’s ordination of an openly gay bishop and other theological issues. Local Bishop Mark Lawrence and many clergy in town supported a more traditional reading of Scripture.
This was what led me away from the Episcopal church. Like Fr. Allen, I tool fell in love with the “sacramental nature” (though I usually say I fell in love with the liturgy) of the Episcopal service. But when I got vague, non-committal answers to my questions, I became disenchanted. For example, when going through my confirmation classes, they said that “Episcopalians are defined by how they worship, not what they believe.” I was flabbergasted. Then with Bishop Robinson, I felt like an outsider.

While the whole story of Fr. Allen’s conversion isn’t published, I think I have a pretty good idea of how he came (back, in his case) to the Church. And thank God for it!

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