Father Robert Barron

I really enjoyed reading his Lenten daily readings a couple months back.

I just watched a few of his videos on youtube, including a few movie reviews.

A profoundly wise and intelligent soul. He really knows how to explain how Christ is incredibly relevant to our lives today!

I agree! I use his 10 part ‘Catholicism’ DVD series in my RCIA and Bible study classes.

I may have to PM you about this. I am planning on using it for our adult ed program this year but Im unsure how to present. The material is wonderful!

I went to a retreat with Fr. Back in 03 or 04 and it really helped me spiritually. He talked about Christ being the center of your life.

I wholeheartedly agree!:slight_smile:

Listened to some of his audio on LighthouseCatholicMedia.org. I was very impressed.

His videos got me interested in Catholicism 3 years ago. I am 17 and I learned more from him than 13 years of Catholic schooling. I have to get his Catholicism series this summer as part of my Catholic bucket list. I just saw on his site a few days ago some information on his next project: The Pivotal Players. When I saw that there would be an episode on GK Chesterton, I got so excited, which is weird since I am stoical. I guess that means I’m fan girl.

That is the key.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and then unto you shall be added all these other things.” - Matthew 6:33

They say he is our next Fulton Sheen. Praise God! Father Barron’s seminary Mundelein Seminary in Chicago is at maximum capacity.


I am a huge fan of Fr Barron. God has truly blessed him with the gift of communication, and the energy to carry his Word on Fire all over the world.

I’ve recommended him to a lot of people, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, he is a treasure.

I agree he’s presentation of the Catholic faith is compelling. I saw all 10 parts of Catholicism. And they did help my faith. Just one BIG problem with the series. When speaking about eschatology, or the 4 last things, he quickly dismisses them. I was looking forward to hearing him speak in much more detail about these things, they are in fact the most important things in our faith, our final destination. And he has stated many times, outside of the documentary, that one of his heroes is Hans Urs von Balthasar, a pseudo-theologian, in my opinion. One can see the influence of Protestantism in his works. We could say that Protestantism has come full circle, going out of the Church, and then coming back into the Church. His views go against the tradition of the Church, especially when he teaches: that we may have a reasonable hope that everyone is saved, and no one goes to Hell, A line that Fr. Robert Barron picked up. To compare him to venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen is disgraceful, in my eyes. Archbishop Sheen was the Catholic Faith incarnate. He was a man, willing to suffer for the Church and to speak the Truth, no matter the cost. Though, Fr. Barron may resemble him, the fact that he distorts catholic faith cannot, in anyway put them on the same pedestal. It is not only wrong, it is spiritually dangerous to preach such a thing, that we may reasonably hope that Hell is empty, which is a lie in and of it’s self. God bless!

Is this the same Fr.Barron who acknowledges the theoretical possibility that a person might go to hell, but believes that almost no one (if anyone) does? I’m crossing my fingers that they are two separate people with the same last name.

Sorry I didn’t read your post before my last one. If they are the same guy, then I agree: we can do much better for a new Fulton Sheen. Narrow is the way and how few find it.

No worries! Glad to see sound minds making their voices heard. Btw, love your religion. :smiley:

EDIT: just now saw. Did you intentionally left out Catholicam, or no?

EDIT 2: See that you answered me. Thank you! God bless!

I disagree, he’s not distorting the Catholic faith at all. The Church never says whether people are in hell or not, only that hell is a real possibility, which Fr. Barron explicitly has said he does believe.

I personally do believe there are people in hell, but the Church doesn’t condemn the opinion that it’s empty, as long as we don’t deny that it in fact exists and is a definite possibility. We should hope it’s empty. We don’t know what happens at the very last second of a person’s life, if they repented or not, so we should hope in the mercy of God, who doesn’t desire that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. That’s a very Catholic thing to do.

We can disagree with Fr’s opinion and think he’s mistaken, I certainly do, but to say he’s distorting the faith is going too far I think. Especially since he hardly spends any time talking about his own opinion on the matter. What maybe one or two videos? Out of thousands that he’s done. The majority of his time is spent making the Church’s teaching come alive for the average person, and has led countless people to fall more deeply in love with Jesus and his Church. And I’m incredibly grateful for that. :thumbsup:

Maybe you are thinking of this YouTube video youtube.com/watch?v=dmsa0sg4Od4 ? If so, it is a response to the everyone is saved view and should be thought of in that context as the subject cannot be fully discussed in a couple of minutes. Father Barron said that we may reasonably hope that everyone will be saved, however, we have the free will to separate ourselves from God and send ourselves to Hell. I had to rewind the latter bit a few times and admit that if I hadn’t watched Father Barron’s discussion on Hell in his series Catholicism, I would have been a bit confused.

I think that one of the difficulties with Father Barron is his (for want of a better word) universality, he writes, presents and discusses different aspects of faith for:

  1. The wide range of Catholics (i.e. informed, uninformed, devout, stagnant etc).
  2. Anti-Catholics.
  3. In response to relativists, secularists, other faiths etc.
  4. Seminarians.

Added to that he responds to the current issues that need to be addressed to reassure and explain the Church’s teachings when it is under attack.

Ok, so now I have Catholics saying Father Barron is a heretic.

Why does the Holy See put up with his heresy?

According to The Children of Fatima, when they were shown Hell by Our Lady, there were many souls in Hell. And She said, “Many souls go to Hell for sins of the flesh, than for any other reason.” Doesn’t that tell us something of our society today!!, God Bless, Memaw

We do desire that all go to Heaven, this is the will of God, that all may be saved. The affirmation that we hope is actually NOT a very Catholic thing. It’s a very Protestant thing. It’s tied to the double predestination theology of Calvin, just that you don’t take into account Hell. To hope something is to have a base for your hope. Jesus said: Who loves me, keeps my commandments.
One does not keep his commandments. Ergo: One does not love Christ.
And God gives justice to all. If one chooses not to love God, God gives one what he asked. Ratifies one’s choice. It is the greatest Love to accept one’s choice. You cannot get married to someone against his will, can you? Nor can one stand in the presence of God if he doesn’t want to. In fact, one cannot stand God for he loves him and the person doesn’t. One can love darkness more then light. God won’t save someone against their will. God bless!

It is of the faith revealed that many go to hell and few go to heaven.

Matthew 7:13 Enter ye in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there are who go in thereat.14 How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way that leadeth to life: and few there are that find it!

Haydock commentary on the same :Enter ye in at the narrow gate, &c. The doctrine of these two verses needs no commentary, but deserve serious attention. Wi.

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