Father speaks out over false paedophile Facebook post


Father speaks out over false paedophile Facebook post

                      **                          A father has spoken of his ordeal after being wrongly named as a  paedophile on Facebook by a disgruntled neighbour. 


                      Luke Chatfield was forced to leave his job, abused in the street  and had a panic alarm installed at his home in Sale, Greater Manchester.                              
                      The father-of-three said his neighbour, Sally Pepper, posted the  "evil lies" due to a dispute about her loud music.                            
                      A police spokesman said Ms Pepper was fined £80 for sending false  messages likely to cause distress.                                                   
                      Ms Pepper posted the message on a Facebook vigilante site for sex  offenders, which has since been removed.                             
                      She wrote: "I know another one, Luke Chatfield, he works in BBs  cafe, Stretford Arndale."                              
                      Another user then responded with: "Anyone know his house number?"                           
                      Mr Chatfield only found out when someone told him about it at  work.                            

Eighty pounds seems awfully light for destroying someone's reputation. I hope he at least gets his job back. Some of the "cyberbullying" laws they are trying to pass are too vague but something like this should be a felony.

According to my cell phone, 80 pounds is about $152.73. That's a sad story, and it makes you worry about what could happen if you cross someone. What a shame. I don't use Facebook, or any of those types of sites. Makes me wonder if anything about me is hanging out there!

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