Father Stan Fortuna


Any fans? :smiley: He’s such a cool guy…

I have his Traditional Catholic Hymns CD and had enjoyed it up until he broke out in rap. Traditional? Hmm… anyway, I have nothing against him as an artist, but my definition of traditional and his, don’t appear to be the same. I mean, I’ve never heard the Benedictine Monks of Clervaux break out in rap… just sayin’. :smiley:

Thanks for posting this video. I’ve heard of him but never took a close look at him.


Hahaha! Father Fortuna! :extrahappy:

I love this guy, not a fan of his music as much as I am for his love for Christ and the Church and he does it in an unapologetic and unorthodox way. I watched this guy be interviewed by a monk I belive on EWTN one night, and he literally made the monk squirm in his seat because Fortuna was just “out there” saying things like “Ah man I love Pope JP 2 and Pope B-16” he used slang for them and I think it was his lack of “Oh we’re pious men…we must be extremely meek, serious and boring” and how he took a sledgehammer to it was so great.

Father Fortuna…what a character…I love that guy!

Here is a link to his video “Everybody Got to Suffer”

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