Father Vince to the rescue!

My cousin is being deployed to Afghanistan. He has a difficult family situation - a special needs child and a wife who struggles valiently with depression. He was very concerned about the state of his family, in particular the cost of the schooling needed for his son, but was going forward with faith and hope.
I started praying to The Grunt Padre for help and protection for this family. Today I received an email that the cost of his son’s schooling is going to be picked up by a member of the board of director’s at the school because “I felt like doing something for an active soldier”.

I have no doubt who is behind this one!

What? I’m confused. And what is the Grunt Padre?

Leslie - this is wonderful!

Perhaps you can fill in those who don’t know who Fr. Vince, the Grunt Padre is. I know of him and a little about him but not that much!

Praise be to God. I will include your Cousin and his family in my prayers as his childs needs are being taken care of, I pray that his wifes needs are as well.




My daughter is in Baghdad. I think I will talk to the Grunt Padre myself tonight. Thanks

What an awesome story. Thank you for sharing it.

Get this, everyone! The other night I went to email a thank you letter to the man who is going to pay for Nathan’s schooling and discovered he is a former Marine … just like Father Vincent…a missionary never stops working, even after death.

Father Vincent was a decorated Marine Chaplain during Vietnam. He could have left Vietnam but wouldn’t because he felt his men needed him. He was killed in battle - but never stops working for those who ask his help. He has helped so many of our fighting men and women - and their families - and I am also praying that he help St Therese in her job of bringing my brother, John, back to the Holy Mother Church. After a year of prayer, John is no longer out right hateful towards Catholicism…so I know there is hope!

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