Father Z 20 tips for making a good Confession



Yes these are good and concise.

Twenty seems like an awfully round number :face_with_monocle:.

I can think of one more…don’t take your Big Gulp into the confessional with you.


An oldie but a goodie

Not sure what he means by #14. Granted, I’ve got nothing against a “just the facts ma’am” approach but, that said, with certain sins it helps to know from the outset whether (and to what extent) someone is struggling with a certain sin. Besides that, it helps us as penitents to admit (to ourselves as much as to the priest) the fact that we are struggling in a certain area and need God’s help.


It helps to.think of it like being in a doctors surgery. You want to convey to the doctor, as briefly as you can, all the information and only the information, that they need to figure out a) what your illness or injury is and b) how to treat it. And yes, sometines it helps to know if there is a pattern of recurring behaviour or whatnot. Not always, of course.

Confession in my city is really in an unfortunate state. I haven’t been to a confession with an English first language priest in years. First languages, Spanish, basque, french, polish, Hausa (Nigeria), Hindi, asian, danish, etc. Seriously. That many. So a just the facts ma’am approach is absolutely essential. Because expanding on not telling your wife about a 100 dollar march madness pool at work or describing a show as leading to sin but wasn’t pornography, or any other number of american English specific descriptions of the sins of our culture is lost on the cultural and linguistic barriers. So phrases like (was impure with myself, spent money frivolously, didn’t tell my wife something, etc) become necessary.

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I am new to Catholic Answers, so I don’t know how to do anything. I have a question about Confession. I used to think that saying the number in Confession was optional, so I never did even when I made mortal sins. Does that mean all my previous confessions are invalid? I over exaggerated how many times I committed a sin later once I discovered that it is mandatory to say the number. Is that a sin? I figured it is better to over exaggerate than to accidentally under exaggerate.

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  1. If you confess to the best of your ability and knowledge you should be at peace. Once you learn a new aspect of that knowledge then you are bound by it but not before.
  2. Don’t “exaggerate” anything in confession. Or diminish. Just be honest.

Thank you. I’ll ask my priest, if my last confession was invalid because of exaggeration.

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talk to your Priest when you go back to Confession and tell him this.

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  1. …never confess “tendencies” or “struggles”… just sins ;

I disagree with this one.

Asian isn’t a language.

I’ve gone to confession with priests from both Nigeria and India and while it was somewhat more difficult, it is do able.

Yes i know Asian isn’t a language. Most people do. I however don’t know what language the priest speaks but it is Asian in geography. I thought that would be evident from my posting.

No, it wasn’t but is now with the clarification.

I looked it up on the diocese website. He is Vietnamese. So now we have an answer. I am concerned if you are surrounded by people who would mistakenly think “Asian” is a language. . Round these parts… we wouldn’t.

I don’t know you and you listed Asian in a long list of languages. How am I to know what you know or don’t know. I said with the clarification it was now clear. Do you want to continue to debate this or move on?

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