Father Zakaria Boutros

Do you know anything about the Coptic priest?

I first heard about him here:

He’s very successful preaching to muslims. Some of his videos are avalable on youtube. He has a polemical style, but is knowedgeable about Islam and Muslims since his home country is at least 90% Muslim.

I recall hearing that he was banned from the re-entering his home country. He tends to attract controversy. He loves to take the more salacious parts of the Koran and Islamic Tradition and give them full air much to the unhappiness of Islamic scholars and Apologists. (The youtube videos he has some of which are him on Egyptian TV doing this on a talk show, or TV news program.). Besides this, I know there have been some kind of death threats and Fatwa made against him…

And last I checked he resided somewhere in the US, a Google search should show you this.

That’s so cool! We definitely need good priests that are effective in their witness to the Muslims! I mean, sure, he’s Coptic and so he’s not in full communion with the Church and the Pope (Benedict XVI, not Shenouda III) but still, the Copts have valid sacraments, valid apostolic succession, and like the Eastern Orthodox, are much closer to having the complete Truth and the fullness of the Faith than the Protestants! And this, of course, is a wonderful thing! :thumbsup:

Father Boutros is not in good standing with the Coptic Orthodox Church, and has not been so for about 3 or 4 years, AFAIK.

HH Pope Shenoute has expressed doubts about his theology (though I’m not aware of specifics).

IMO, it is his anti-Islam ministry that is the major cause of his “official” estrangement from the COC. In the sea of Islam, the COC has always been careful to maintain good relations with her Muslim neighbors. Father Boutros’ ministry, though ideologically acceptable to Christians outside Egypt or the Middle East, presents a real and practical danger to Christians within Egypt and the Middle East.


Yes I read on wiki regarding the theological estrangement the other day, but didn’t post anything because I thought someone would ask for the details and was hoping someone like you could clarify them.

But regarding the Church, there is a kind of “Stockholm Syndrome” (for folks that don’t the term see link) regarding Islam.


There are some practical reasons for it, but when you consider the outrageous things that happen in present day Egypt I would expect more of a Michael Medved approach like US Copts Association has had (especially a few years past).


I haven’t heard from official sources, but from what I’ve read and heard on the “grapevine,” it has something to do with Protestant tendencies. As stated, I’m not aware of anything more specific, but I suspect it has something to do with relativism within Christianity.


Most of the theology I’m aware of is on Shenouda side. I’ve heard statements that sound like a kind of endorsement of Mohamed as a prophet to the Arabs. I’m pretty sure he actually said this, but I’m having trouble finding old articles etc. that cover this sort of thing. His approach might be similar to recent RC Popes and even Justin Martyr, in “Dialogue with Trypho” (showing that maybe even Holy Spirit providentially making even Greek heroes of mythology as Types of Christ) , or Apostle Paul during the Mars Hill talk. But on the surface can be a little shocking. It can sound like some Masonic or other Grand Lodge “I’m Ok you’re Ok”. “All Religions are the same and equal paths to God” kind of thing.

Now this is defintely not Zakarias MO. He pretty much believes Islam is of the Devil (I’m actually inclined to agree with him). Of course such an opinion by default is pretty much a set up for maximum conflict with the local Muslim population. Which is the real reason I think he’s on the outs. Because he’s going against the official Public Relations policy, and this is a literal life and death kind of issue.

Dear brother Addai,

The relativism is not with regards to non-Christian religions, but specifically directed against Protestantism, or, rather, American Protestantism. The criticism has a jingoistic tenor to it. Apparently, Father Boutros does not agree with this neo-conservatism of the COC, and has solicited, along with several other priests (not just in Egypt), the ire of the Coptic Synod, with HE Bishoy at the forefront of the crackdown. As stated, I don’t know if the problem goes beyond this sympathy for Protestants, or if there is an actual doctrinal heterodoxy involved.

And yes. Christians are walking on eggshells around their Muslim neighbors in Egypt and the Middle East. It’s a tough call, and no one should assign any un-Christian motives on either side of the matter. The situation is similar to what Pope Pius XII faced with the Nazis.


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