Fathers Day: God, Guts & Guns, what did other fathers do?

MOTHERS NEED NOT ANSWER, this thread is for us dads!!! :wink:

I’m just curious what everyone did on their Father’s day?

GOD: **For me and mine, we attended the mass at 11am at St Edward’s Church. My daughter is an alter server and she was assigned to the 11am mass, so it made the mass that much better because while we do believe the mass is for worship, we sit across from where she sits and watch her during the mass. Sometimes even flash her a smile. Mass was lightly attended, which made it a little shorter than our typical mass, but the homily was a good one.

**GUTS: **After church I stuffed my guts! Homemade cherry pie that was made by my daughter. But the main course is my favorite, roasted whole leg of lamb on the BBQ grill. No better meat has ever been found! It had been marinated in garlic, rosemary, kosher salt and olive since Saturday afternoon. YUM! My wife cooked it medium rare, served it with some grilled asparagas spears, some garlic smashed potatoes and some great bread.
GUNS: **Following the gut busting I did some shooting with my daughter. Saturday I built a simple shooting bench, lifted it with the front loader of the tractor and carried it out to the field. Its set at about 25 yards from the base of the hill we shoot into. The 22 rifle got another workout. But I also let her try a 223. I did a little pistol shooting, but she didn’t join in that. My wife used to shoot Trap and Sporting Clays, and we both used to shoot a lot of handguns but she decided to sit out the shooting and read a book.

The shooting was cut short by some rain, it looked like it was going to rain pretty hard, but it turned out to be a heavy but very brief rainfall. It was enough for me to pack the guns and supplies up and take them back to the house, but my daughter said we should have kept shooting :thumbsup:

We then sat down with some ice-cream and the homemade cherry pie and I got to open a few small presents and laugh at the appropriateness of the cards they gave me.

So, looking back at yesterday, it was a good Fathers Day in our home :slight_smile:

How was your father’s day?


Went to 8:00 am mass so we could start the festivities early. Great homily about how important dads are to the structure of the church. We love our irish priest - he is wonderful.

Went to a family BBQ and stuffed myself silly while visiting with siblings and in-laws galore. We had brownies, cheesecake, pies and homemade ice cream too. One of those great unbutton top button feasts.

I did shoot a water gun!! It was so stinking hot here and the kids jumped in the pool - so the wife and I got out the super soakers and let them have!!!

I got socks (needed badly), chocolate - the biggest Special Dark candy bar I’ve ever seen, and DVD - Ghost Rider - fun action movie

Great day, great family, great God and many thanks.

God:… Sorry dude, blew you off today. “Rack time” was more important (finished off my “on-call” duties getting home @ 3AM from a service call…).

Guts:… Blew that off all day too… until I fired up the grille around 5:30pm and did some perfect “slab-o-cow’s” and sweetcorn for the family and my Dad.

Guns:… No fun with explosives today… spent it spreading “mud” and cutting/setting tile for the bathroom. Did get some satifaction from a 'friggin beautiful layout, and what’ll be a gorgeous job when it’s grouted and wiped down!

–Went to 7:30am Mass.

–Went to breakfast and kept it simple.

–headed over to my daughter and son-in-laws.

–had a late lunch and didn’t over do it.

–no guns or explosives available or needed.

–I spent the afternoon with my 4 day old grand daughter. She is our first grand child and she made my day!

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