Fathers day mass, 50% empty?


Went to mass today and was struck by the fact that the church was 50% empty.

In fact I can’t remember seeing it with so few people in attendance. The mass was our 11am mass, it is the one we attend most often and I was shocked by how few people were there.

What are we teaching our kids? :shrug:


Same here. So few people. I attend the 9:30 though, so I am hoping that everyone was just letting thier dads sleep in. :shrug:


Maybe your fellow parishoners took a Father’s Day trip somewhere and are attending Mass elsewhere. Perhaps too, some people may have gone out of town to visit Grandpa for Father’s Day. Or, maybe they are like me. Although I typically go to the 9:30 Mass, today I will go to the 5pm Mass. My out of town company, which included my stepfather, were leaving mid-morning this morning. So, I wanted to spend time with them.

Just saying, if the people of your parish normally go to Mass every Sunday, it’s doubtful that Father’s Day would be the exception. They just might be attending at a different time or parish.


Our 11:30 Mass was lightly attended, too. We usually go to 9:30, so I don’t know how that one was this morning, but there are usually a lot more people at 11:30. Maybe they’re all on vacation.


This is really sad to hear. I am not sure what it was in my home parish today. I will be attending a Life Teen mass this evening. I will let you know later on what happens there. I would assume that it would be full, but we shall see.


My Mission Parish was as full as it usually is during the Summer months. Once school starts it will get packed again. Everyone could be going to the 8 a.m. Mass instead or the our Mother parish. Or they could all be on vacation and going to Mass there.

Brenda V.


Well people could be on vacation? Or they may have attended the earlier mass?

We live in a modest rural community, we have 3 masses (1 Saturday, 2 Sunday), and I’ve never seen the mass as lightly attended as today. Normally our 11am mass is about 85-to-90% full, with people in the crying room and up in old choir loft too, just some scattered empty seats hear and there.

I can’t speak for the other masses, I never go to the Saturday mass and only rarely attend the 8am mass.


I’ll bet there are quite a few people vacationing right now. Its that time of year. I am hopeful that they attended Mass at their vacation destinations.


Sorry to hear the less number of people attending your churches, but at our parish, it is always full.


Yeah, just a thought - this is the biggest vacation weekend in our area because the schools just let out this week… and we are not exactly a vacation destination. It probably has more to do with Summer and less to do with Father’s Day.


Ours was packed as usual…this is only my third time at this church, since we just moved here…so I can’t tell if this was a typically packed day or not–but it seems to be a very strong parish.

I wonder if some families went away for the weekend…and are attending mass somewhere else? The glass is always half full…:smiley:


Our 4:30 mass last night was about 60% full. It was pretty close to the usual summer turnout in past years.


There may be some good reasons for the lack of attendance today. In our case, we attend dh’s dad’s church as part of his dad’s Father’s Day gift.


I will say that the mass that I went to was only about 60-70% full. Which is strange for that mass, it is usually packed. I guess it is father’s day so most people were having dinner with their fathers.


I went on Saturday night (I was at a conference for work that ran all day Sunday) - but I can tell you Mass attendance does have occasional ebbs and flows. Lots of logical explanations. I would guess most people went earlier (or later) so that they could travel or prepare for guests or what have you.

Sometimes it just happens for no particular reason. Even at the best attended parishes :shrug: F’rinstance today (being Monday here on the other side of the International Date Line) daily Mass was incredibly packed - to the point where Father had to ask for an EHMC from the congregation to assist him!


I went to the 10 a.m. Sunday Mass. There was no noticeable difference in the size of the congregation. It was about the same as any other Sunday Mass.


Not sure about my local church, as I attended the 5 PM mass at SS Peter & Paul for the first time. Also went to confession. Sparse attendence, but the homily on fathers was well received.


Because all fathers are men, and most men that are fathers don’t particularly care for the effeminate liturgy of the Sacrifice of the Mass these days.


hey on a better note means it was 50% full :wink:


Same thing at our 8 am Mass, but our church was having a big to-do at the Noon Mass, so I expected it to be emptier than usual :slight_smile:

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